Half fishermans rib raglan shaping- help please!


I’m looking for help understanding how I do the raglan shaping on a sweater I am knitting up in half fishermans rib (or at least that’s what I think it is!).

I’m having difficulty understanding how to continue keeping the ribbing consistent whilst decreasing stitches. Below is a picture of the pattern. I’d really appreciate a stitch by stitch breakdown for the 2 rows of raglan shaping as I’m confused by a couple of things, mainly:

  • 1st row: when it says work 3 stitches, is that k3?
  • 2nd row: it says pattern to end (assuming this is P1, knit the Y.F. and slip stitch tog., P1) but if the first and last 3 stitches on the previous row were knitted, shouldn’t they be purled in this row? That’s the only way I can see it working…

Thanks in advance fellow knitters :slight_smile:!

Welcome to KH!
Typically the first 3 sts of row 1 would either be in the stitch pattern (k1, yf, slip 1, k1) or in rib, (k1,p1,k1). You could do stockinette (knit one row, purl one row) if you prefer.

The rib is going to be broken up near the 3 edge sts but don’t let it change the body of the stitch pattern. You may have 2 knits or 2 purls next to each other at the decrease but make sure you get back to columns of knits and purls already established in the body of the sweater.

This is actually brioche stitch even thought it’s called fisherman’s rib. What is the source or who is the designer?

Thanks for your help, this is really useful! I’ve done a test and now have it figured out.

I was wondering what the stitch was as I knew it wasn’t traditional fisherman’s rib. Not sure who the designer is, I bought it off Etsy, all I know is it’s a vintage Australian pattern.

Thanks again :slight_smile: