Half double-knit a hat?

I wanted to make this hat, but when I watched the “stranding” video, Amy said not to do more than 5 of one color before switching back to the other. http://tiajudy.com/beanie.htm Would it work to double knit the portion with the dog by adding a stitch of the other color in between each stitch after the roll brim? And then could I take them out before decreasing to close the hat?

Thanks, Amy

There is no ‘law’ against how many stitches you can strand. The important thing is to make sure you catch the strand in the back so you don’t end up with a long loop, and to keep the stitches stretched out on the needles so the stitches don’t bunch.

To catch the yarn, insert your needle as if to knit, but put the color being carried over the tip of the right needle from back to front, making sure it comes up from under the working yarn. Wrap the stitch with your working yarn, take off the strand that was draped over the needle and knit as normal.
You should be able to trap the yarn on the back without twisting it or having it show through.

I think the Philosopher’s Wool web site may have a video of it, but I’m not positive.

:cheering: Thanks! Excellent! The video is a great help. Now I’ll feel good about making this for a gift!