Hairpin lace afghan needed

Hi ladies, I’m looking for someone who is familiar with the HAIRPIN LACE STITCH. I would love to have an afghan made. My grandmother has done many and I have 5 of them. I just would love to have one for a very ill friend. So if your interested lets discuss prices… and the material the time span and so on and I really appreciate everyone’s help. . I can take a photograph if you need me too of the one’s i have currently. They are gorgeous. Please contact me using my email address I’m not quite comfortable using this site and I don’t want to miss anything. Any suggestions would be helpful even if you can’t help me out with the afghan.

Thanks again,

You are right it is a very beautiful technique…Unfortunately my beloved teacher/friend passed away before we got to Hairpin Lace, tatting and Broomstick lace, I do have a few looms (older style) but I did see on an episode of Knitty Gritty sometime back where they covered tatting and if I am not mistaken, Hairpin Lace. Good Luck.

the new vogue knitting 25th anniv issue has a mini tutorial on hairpin lace- I bet your afghans are gorgeous. they show a pretty scarf/stole in the magazine.