H2O mop (steam mop)

I don’t usually watch informmercials, but had a lap full of knitting and didn’t want to get up to find the remote. This was about a mop that uses water to make steam and claims to clean all types of flooring with or without cleaners. It also has a gadget that turns it into a carpet cleaner. It uses a microfiber pad and has to be plugged in to heat the water. Has anyone tried this? Sounds like a great idea, but ONLY if it works. I’m always skeptical of things sold only on TV. :shrug:

I have a Bissell brand that I use on our tile floors and which I absolutlely adore. Really cleans and no chemical junk, just hot steam/water. I got it at either Kohls or Amazon. I don’t think it is for use on other flooring though.

I always go by the assumption that if something is as good as it seems, it’ll have knock-offs in a few years. At least for the TV items. I know good name-brand companies will come up with a new idea and pay so much to patent it that no one will even want to knock it off, but for the most part, really good ideas get copied by everyone eventually. I remember thinking Oxiclean sounded too good to be true, but I REALLY wanted to try it. Eventually, I found a tub at Wal-Mart and now everything has oxygen activated crystals or whatever they want to call it.

Okay…that’s enough rambling! Basically, my advice is wait and see if you can find it in a real store first…


[FONT=“Trebuchet MS”][SIZE=“2”]I have a friend who owns her own cleaning business and she has the Mr. Clean one. She loves that thing. :?? I don’t like to mop that much. LOL.[/SIZE][/FONT]

I used to have a similar contraption and really liked it. I had tile floors, and I could tell a difference afterward. The thing that I liked best, though, was that I felt like my floors were actually sanitized – a plus with kids playing on the floor.

I have a used one someone gave me. I like how clean the tile floors lopk afterwards, but the one I have has a pretty flimsy handle that never feels right. (It always feels like it’s going to collapse) It also doesn’t seem to be a comfortable length so you have to bend slightly to push it. I don’t know if it makes any difference to you, but it’s annoying enough to me that I tend to stick to the old wringer mop and bucket!