Guy Scarf questions

How does a guy wear a scarf?? JD cannot make up his mind how long he
wants his… First it was to put on, then flip around his neck bringing
that end clear back around and match the other side on his chest…
then just enough to throw back… then enough to knot on one side… he
can’t decide and he never wears a scarf but said he would if I knitted
it … I have no idea I know for a girl but not a guy soooo what is the typical length for a man’s scarf? TIA :thumbsup:

The way I wear my scarf, and it’s probably not all that manly :rollseyes: is that I wrap it once around my face to cover my mouth and tie it into a knot to cover my n eck.

I’v also seen it where it’s looped once around the neck wiht once side haning in the back and one side hanging in the front… but … it’s all subjective I would t hink :slight_smile:

And I think my short scarf was probably about 5 inches taller than me… so that was about 6’5" and I think it’s a little small when looped :slight_smile:

My friend’s DH likes to wear his folded in half with the ends pulled through the loop.

DH just asked me to knit him a scarf. Like I don’t have enough to do

Lonnie just wraps his around his neck & tucks it in his coat when it’s very cold or just has it wrapped so that both ends hand in front.

I wear an overcoat so the scarf just overlaps in front. I would say 5-6 ft. would be a safe length for most men.

For me it depends on th weather. If it is really cold I’ll fold in half and slip it threw the loop and tuck the end in my jacket. If it is not that chilly out I’ll just rap it once around my neck and leave one end in back.

I would just make it about 5-6 ft like Jeremy said and let him play with it.


I’d say for any scarf it’d be about maybe 5 feet long more or less. Some people like them short, some like them long ( I once had to crochet an 8 footer!) It really depends on the person not the gender, like if they want to wrap it once or wrap it twice… I like the length of mine, I wrap it twice and let the ends hang behind me so it doesn’t fly with the wind. It doesn’t get that cold here tho.

Thanks everyone… thats one of the problems he doesn’t know how he wants to wear it… he keeps asking me I say however you want to he says but I don’t want to look funny… :rollseyes: he is almost 6’2" and the scarf as of right now is… 4feet… so I guess I’ll just use up the rest of the yarn on the skein lol when its gone it will be long enough has to be… all I have… I made my grandfather’s scarf smaller cause he tucks them into his jacket… Thanks again everybody :thumbsup: