Guy colors

Is it just me, or do you find very few if any sock yarns in “guy” colors? Or maybe my guy is just picky? :shrug: I can’t see him wearing varigated, so I had to settle for Lorna’s Laces in charcoal. This is going to be a boring knit…What do you pick out for your guy? Does he wear varigated colorways? I was digging some XXL Trekking but my LYS doesn’t carry it. Never knit with it.

I’m knitting socks for DH right now. They’re black and boring. I might have to try my hand at dying my own where he is concerned. I keep looking, though. Hoping somebody will come up with something less dull.

My DH won’t wear varigated! So I had to knit him some socks in charcoal, too. He wanted a cabled rib, so that made it a bit interesting though.

I just finished a pair for my DH in GEMS OPAL, Variegated Merino Yarn Sport Weight (Fine) (Formerly Quartz) machine washable in the color Hummingbird.
At a distance, it looks plain and boring but up close WOW.
He :heart: them. :cheering: He likes the softness and thickness.
He has been hinting for another pair.
I love having my very own enabler. :happydance:

I wonder what would happen if I just happen to make a pair for him that’s not boring. Think he’d wear them? It’s not like he could stop me right now, he’s not in this country! LOL

Oh I like that yarn. I need to work through some of the stuff I have, first.

Freyja-what a great color! Thanks for the idea. :muah:
As Liliyarn, I too have difficulty finding colors for the husband, sons and father. Thanks a bunch.

I wish my dh would, but he won’t. He only wears white socks - even with his uniform! The only time I’ve seen him wear socks with a color to them is with his dress uniform (black) and with his old suit (dark blue). Pretty boring, huh? LOL

Guess what happened? I fell against the computer keyboard and my fingers just happened to land on the exact keys of my card number, :shrug: while I was at that site that Freyja linked us to.
Nikki, waiting on Hummingbird yarn

I’m knitting Lonnie a pair with Brown Sheep’s Wildefoot sockyarn in Forget Me Not colorway which happens to be shades of blue…it looks purple like on the website, but it’s several shades of blue, which will look good with jeans. KnitPicks sock yarns have nice, masculine colorways.

Here’s the trekking I was talking about,
I think they would look cool with hiking boots. Kindda verigated in a masculine way.

I’m liking these ideas! Keep them coming. Until guys are less picky about the colors they wear :guyknitting:

Those all look amazing. I want some of each kind of sock yarn! :teehee: All of my husband’s socks are white, black, and army green. The green ones are stuffed in a tote somewhere, the black ones are ‘dress up’ socks. Soooooo, that leaves white. BORING. He did say that he might think about something different - if I made them. :happydance:

Here’s some good guy colors…

All of my husband’s socks are white, black, or khaki.

I made some socks for my daughter awhile back, and he overheard her telling me I should make some for him too. He repeatedly assured me that I didn’t have to put myself out and make him any. :pout:

I finally wore him down, and he did find some XXL Trekking that he thought he could… endure. He kind of liked the brown/olive, navy/black/dark green, and charcoal colorways.