Guitar Players?

Anyone here play?

My son plays.

My husband took up the guitar about 3 years ago. He strums and picks and I knit and purl.

I play. I own a Takamine. It is a good guitar. Ive been playing since I was 16. There were times when my guitar was my best friend and I poured out all my frustrations, laughter and tears onto it during thetroubled teens`. I am now almost 53 and I still play it now and then. I find it very relaxing! I LOVE music.

I play, kinda! I’m a music teacher (=

I have a Seagull S6 Slim.

I was trying to see what Chris Tomlin’s [SIZE=2]We Fall Down[/SIZE] used in place of a Bm barre chord. (my fingers will protest on barre chords).

I haven’t played in ages and re learning guitar all over again.

Cant help you there. I play mostly oldies and folk type music, some ballads, stuff like that. I dont use barre chords either.

Anyone here play?

I do.

I play guitar, Andean ocarina, Native American flute, and keyboard.

None of them well. :rofl:

What capos do you folks like?

What capos do you folks like?

I have one that looks like an elastic band with grommets in it, then a metal bar with plastic across that. The metal bar part goes across the frets and fits into a grommet in the elastic band part (which goes at the back of the neck). I’ve used this one forever and I really like it. I’m not sure if it has a name, but I find this is the best one for me!

My sweet husband plays electric and acoustical bass. The MS gives him more vibrato :rofl:

I’m ‘relearning’ keyboards, slowly, ever so slowly.

play classical guitar

Have you folks seen this young fellow play With Or Without You or More Than Words? Excellent fingerpicking for a child his age.

I can play several chords on the guitar and I’m learning to fingerpick, which is kind of wacky because I don’t even have a teacher. My sis plays well, though.

I kinda play. I play flute, but I just mess around with guitar and piano/organ.

I played the flute … many moons ago though.

I’m going to get an Irish tin whistle. I am so excited about it! Anyone else play it?

Cool. I haven’t played it but I’ve seen it used at concerts.