Guinea Pig Truimph (Not OT, I swear!) now with smaller pics

Hello folks! Some of you know that I posted asking for help in finding a pattern for the Cat Mumu about a week ago. Several people came to the rescue and pointed me in the right direction, and, using that pattern as a guide, I knitted dresses for my guinea pigs to take in a Pet Parade in my town today. Here are some pictures for y’all:

The finished dresses

Pete’s on the left and is grey and white (in pink) and Repete is in the orange and green, and is black and white.

Another view of the pigs.

They were a huge success at the parade and were very well behaved throughout! When we brought them home we gave them lots of goodies to reward them. I’m very proud of my pigs!

:rofl: LOVE IT!!! :roflhard:

Just way too ADORABLE!!! They look like they’re being good sports about it, too. You finished those fast–I remember your original post and it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago. :noway:

Omigosh! Those are too funny!

:cheering: :cheering: I love the little fahncy piggies!!

So cute! I really love them. What great guineas too!

Here are some more pictures of the dresses, including one I took while in progress on the pink one, when I discovered that I had increased too quickly and had somewhere upwards of 600 stitches on size 5 needles and my circular couldn’t handle it. I had ten dpns and two circulars holding the stitches until it got to a length enough that the garment wouldn’t keep fighting the nylon cable of my boye interchangeable. Eventually I added eyelets to disguise the quadruple decreases that I made for every yarn over, and then increased the needle size so I wouldn’t lose volume.

On the green dress, I wanted the color to stand out, but the orange that I had was cotton and not very warm. So I stranded it with the white angora bulky that I had in my stash, and then trimmed the bottom with some leftover green acrylic.

You can’t see it in any of these pictures, so I’ll have to take some more, but there are pockets on the inside of the skirt to hold those little handwarmers that you can buy at walmart. Rodents are susceptable to the cold and it was about 20° outside at the parade so I wanted to make sure that the dresses were insulating a little more than just their body heat. DH and I held additional handwarmers under the skirts to make sure that they were warm enough.

That is toooo funny~!! i ALMOST spit out my coke~!

Poor critters will never be able to show their faces in guinea pig public again. :rofl:

My God! The empty dresses look like octopi! Those are some tolerant guinea pigs.

I saw the topic title ‘Guinea Pig Triumph!’ and thought how the F could that NOT be OT? Had to click.

[b]I’ve had a few Guinea pigs in my lifetime … my first one at age 10 … I got one about 10 years ago and it was quite fat … two weeks later it had one baby … two for one at the pet store … Rosie and Pansy … if I couldn’t have dogs I’d have pigs waaaay before cats!!! :teehee:


You put Pete in a pink dress?! All the other guinea pigs are going to beat him up on the playground. :teehee: T
hey’re really cute.

I was thinking the same thing :rofl:

Those are way too cute. I’m a mod on a guinea pig forum and a huge fan of the little furbabies. Good job.

[color=indigo]What a fantastic idea! The dresses are beautiful. I bet your guineas were the stars of the parade. You shoulda won first prize, chere.


:muah: :muah: Luv, luv, luv the piggies! I am a piggie fanatic from years ago. They’re like Lay’s chips, can’t have just one! They’re addictive. The dresses are just way too adorable too!

Who says guys can’t wear pink? lol My hubby is a minister and he wears pink dress shirts with his suits sometimes. And yes, he is a Macho guy! lol

Pete & Repete are loverly! Thanks for the pics! :cheering: :cheering:

Be careful.

One day when you least expect it…

…Pete and Repete will get their revenge!!!


Cool dresses though, wish I was brave enough to knit one for my cat!!!

:rofl: :roflhard: great job…