Guilt Yarn - your stories?

Ugh. I had lunch on Newbury street today with some friends. Newbury street is Boston’s Rodeo Drive. I left work early to have a few minutes to spend in the LYS a block from where I was meeting my friends. I remember it being pricey, but not obscene. Maybe 10-20% more than a regular LYS.

I looked at the yarn for about 25 minutes, but wasn’t feeling it. I really didn’t want anything, and I was pretty sure I would regret anything I did buy. There were no prices on anything. But after looking around for so long (which took longer because it is arranged by color instead of weight/fiber!), I felt kind of obligated to buy a little something. I chose 3 skeins of Louet Gems, which is hands down the nicest superwash yarn I’ve ever felt. The colors were very cool, a yellow, green and purple (goldilocks, shamrock, eggplant). I thought I would use them for somthing like this for my mom’s little Yorkie, and the skeins are generous (~175 yards) so I’d have enough left over for maybe a hat or scarf.

I was ready for it to be about $30/35, and I would have considered that A LOT. But it was $44!!! I probably should have said nevermind, but I was too shy and I felt silly for looking around so long and for not having asked the price. Reconsidering the doggy sweater idea…maybe I’ll do a mosaic something-or-other for myself…I did check online and it was not marked up. That’s what the yarn really costs!

Anyway, I couldn’t be the only person who’s found themselves in this situation. Please share your stories so I can feel a little less like a dope!

I went in my mom’s LYS while home last week and all I really needed was a pattern, but it turned out we looked around and talked so long the lady stayed open past closing so I grabbed a couple balls of nice sock yarn with the carry along thread, some alpaca for mittens and scarf for myself, and some cascade quatro just cause I didn’t want to seem cheap after keeping her open late. I ended up out $80 for yarn I really didn’t need…came home and posted a de-stash thread to “justify” the new yarn.

Aah, the guilt we feel, and the price we pay when shopping at our LYS!
I actually bought some yarn last year to knit a shawl to wear to my daughter’s wedding. I thought I was being rather clever by bringing a paint chip with me that was a good match for the dress color but I had a really hard time finding what I wanted. After spending a lot of time and getting oodles of suggestions from the shop owner, I finally settled on 2 different yarns, one solid color, one varigated that I was going to hold together to knit.
Only to get home and realize that not only did I not like the yarns with the actual dress, I had spent more on yarn for the shawl, than the dress cost!! Now, keep in mind, DD got married on the beach, so my dress was rather low key… but still, lol.

Surprisingly enough, I brought it back, with the dress this time, only looking for a credit toward something else but the LYS owner agreed that out in the natural daylight the yarn didn’t look great with the dress and not only did she take the yarn back, she gave me my cash back. I felt so bad I bought more yarn that day, even though I knew it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but it was much less than my original purchase.
And I ended up using some TLC cotton plus for the shawl. I found it at AC Moore in a great color combo to go with my dress, kind of beach glass colors, for under $10.

My favorite saying with regard to guilt is: “Never regret something that once made you smile”.

Well, that and “Those with a clear conscience have a bad memory”. :mrgreen:

i feel this way almost everytime i go into my lys!! or any small, scarcely populated business. i feel like i have to buy something…so i only go there if i know they have what i want and i don’t want to wait to order something online, never just to browse.

Good advice Mason. Once I found out that it wasn’t marked up, I felt a little better. And now it is growing on me. The colors are really very cool. And the texture of the yarn is very nice. It is a bit like cotton, but in a good way. I actually wish I had enough for a sweater …

Ugh, I have this guilt-purchase problem [I]anytime[/I] I enter a small business of any kind. I try my best to shop online or in larger stores where the buying experience can be impersonal.

I have never bought any guilt yarn…if I’m someplace and I think I should buy something, I usually buy a pattern,$4or 5…Sissy:p

Oh I hate LYS’ that are arranged by color! It means I have to run around the store to match things or look for the right yarns. I really wish stores would be arranged by yarn weight or type. So all the fingering weights together and all the bulky weights together and all the novelty fun yarns are together. My LYS used to be arranged at one time. But over the years has become a mishmash of disorganization. Some of the sock yarns are in one place and some is in another. Most of the Noro yarns are together, but not the silk which is somewhere else. And it seems like the newest yarns are the ones that get put in the strangest places. Malabrigo on the bottom shelf in a corner and Tofutsies up high where no normal sized person can reach. I can never find what I want there and spend so much time wandering around in circles aimlessly unsure of where I’m going. or what I’m looking for and can’t find what I went in for to begin with. The owner isn’t much help either because she doens’t really like me and knows that I buy things from online instead only from her.

I used to be a guilt shopper. My bad habit was scrapbooking. I would buy $10 worth of things that I did or didn’t need. I felt I was “doing my part” to “keep her in business.” I now realize that isn’t my job and I’m not obligated to purchase something because I go into a store. I don’t do that just for going into Old Navy. If they don’t have something I want, need or afford I just don’t buy anything. Hopefully you will make something from your yarn that will make you happy.

I wouldn’t worry about not purchasing from a lys when wanting to just browse.
I had my own small business (a perennial nursery) and granted I wanted everyone to spend as much as possible, but I looked at browsers as potential buyers in the future and advertising when they told friends about my inventory. I also loved to talk plants and answer questions people had about their flowerbeds and growing requirements.
I think a successful yarn shop owner will be happy to answer questions and be helpful so that you will if not today, someday soon be back to make a purchase and hopefully many more.

Now that I think about it, the yarn wasn’t exactly organized by color. I got the 3 skeins from almost the same place, so it couldn’t have been … I’m not exactly sure how it was organized … but the place it just so small with yarn all the way to the ceiling (which is a good thing, of course). I am feeling bad because I inadvertently badmouthed the store on this thread and gave the location, so people can figure out where I was. It is a fine store and has some very pretty stuff (that is expensive, but not because it is marked up, just because it is top of the line stuff). Oh, and I said what I bought too so she’ll know it was me! Please don’t anyone show her this thread! I want to be able to go back (specifically because I just realized that the yellow is bulky and the other two colors are worsted, but also just in general I’d like to be able to go there from time to time!) What have I done?! I’ve let my buyer’s remorse run wild!!!

Good attitude! I go into my lys if I have yarn or needles I need for a pattern. Sometimes, I go in to ask how to do something and end up buying yarn. I feel like Baa Baa Black Sheep! I have more than three bags full! And since I’m only doing baby hats, that’s a lot. But when I go in to ask for help and know I don’t want to buy something; that’s easy. I just leave my wallet in the car.

wow. i really needed to hear that. thanks, mason. :thumbsup:
now if i can just remember that when the regrets start eating away at me again. :roll:

That’s when ya fall back on the second one. :mrgreen:

I have done that before… I used to go to this yarn store near where I live… I once made the mistake of picking out yarn that was $15 a skein to make a sweater but I needed 15 skeins. I thought it would be about $75 but when she rang it up and told me the total i about fell over… but I was too embarrassed to say I did not want it… the funny thing is I never made the sweater and I still have the yarn in my stash. This is one of those LYS stores that is very snooty and I have never gone back.

I do that to an extent. But I think it’s really just a cover for wanting to buy yarn anyhow. ^_~

That is nice to hear you say that Plantgoddess. Becasue I am guilty of doing the same thing when I go to local own stores, I feel like I should buy something… I will remember what you have said and leave with a smile on my face. To tell everyone I know how nice the place way and try to remember to go back there when I need something that I know they have.

And when the above does not work I will buy a pattern.:thumbsup:

I think the worst one for me…wasn’t that bad…

I was eyeing some really pretty sock yarns at a small shop here.

I hadn’t bought proper sock yarn before (I had been knitting socks with DK prior)
So I wasn’t accustom to the 50 gm ball vs the 100gm ball…etc…

The one I had my eye on ended up being approx $12 a ball…which I thought great! That isn’t bad…in fact it is slightly cheaper then some of the other balls.

As it turned out…it was the 50 gm ball…it was $12 per ball. At that point, I was already at the cash…it was a tiny booth in a flea market type setting…and I had been chatting with the girl for a long while. Too embarrassed to put it back, and too in love with the colour I had choose at this point, I bought the wool and made my $24 pair of socks. On the up side, they are the best pair of socks I own, very soft, and partly bamboo.