"Guilt" free knitting

Hi everyone…Is there anyone else out there that does this: Never, Never knits till everything else is done? Today (along with posting here very very early a.m.) I just wanted to re-start a poncho (that I totally goofed up yesterday)but DROVE MY NIECE TOO SCHOOL (10 miles), VACUMMED THE LIVING ROOM, DID A FEW LOADS OF LAUNDRY, POPPED DINNER INTO THE OVEN, DUSTED,ETC ETC… I have been up since 5 a.m. and now it’s almost 10…which gives me about 1hour knitting time.(that’s if I skip my morning shower) does anyone get up forget everyone else and KNIT???:biting:

Of course. With the possible exception of getting the kid to school, everything else can wait – indefinitely.

Yes, that’s me.

I get up, get myself ready for work, do devotions with the kids, and then head off for the day. Fortunately, I work part-time and get home no later than 3pm.

Then, I’m busy trying to get dinner going (if we’re lucky) and do a few chores.

I save the knitting for after dinner when I’m ready to watch TV.

Now, on Sundays, I knit guilt-free. I won’t allow myself or the kids to do chores (except the ones that involve taking care of the animals).

Nah, my motto is “Knit First, Work Later”. :teehee:

Yeah, that sounds like me too. On my day off I usually clean the house, so I’ll do that, laundry etc. before knitting. Maybe we need to make it a priority?

Schedule the luxuries first, then when you get around to the chores,they won’t feel so chore like.

But hey, I’m on SSDI, so I’m supposed to sit around!

Unfortunately, no. I’m too guilt ridden to sit and knit when I know other things need to get done. I shouldn’t be. I do deserve time for me - but I am: woman’s/mom’s curse I think. I am so with you - I start a project (usually late at night), make a mistake, and never really seem to be able to get back it for a long time. We all need to make time for us and our knitting.

I have the PERFECT solution to guilt free knitting. I volunteer as an EMT for 3-12 hour shifts a week at my Firehouse. I live to far away to respond to emergencies at home so I am a “bunker” (that means I have to sleep at the firehouse), my DH volunteers as well (he drives the ambualnce) so we get to spend time together and when we aren’t on calls, it’s a small rural town so we have alot of “down” time, I get to sit and knit!!!

Sometimes I can spend an entire day “doing good” and knitting. I would never sit at home and knit all day but at the Firehouse I am doig something important AND getting guilt free knitting in:woot:

Do you think maybe, you are procrastinating about knitting? The reason I say that is, I can’t wait to sew something, but when I finally have the time, it seems that I do everything but that. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I am going to have to do a lot of altering the pattern before I sew. I don’t really know. Now knitting, I will put off if I have to fix a boo boo.