Guidepost sweater pattern help

Hello All,

I am actually working on my very first project following a pattern. I need help reading the pattern.

Here’s the pattern:
Border: cast on 66 sts, knit 10 rows across (this I’ve done, easy)

Body: begining with a purl row, work in stockinette stitch until piece measures 8 1/2 inches from cast on edge, ending by working a purl row. (does that mean my last row will be purled on?)

Sleeves: Rows 1 and 2: Add on 28 sts loosely for sleeve, knit across 122 sts.
Row 3: Slip 1 as if to knit, knit across
Repeat Row 3, unitl Sleeve measures 5 1/2 inches, ending by working a wrong side row.
Bind off all sts loosely in knit.

The Sleeves part is what is making me confused… can anyone turn it into english for me :slight_smile: Like hi… I eat paste english.


Yes, you finish with a purl row.

At the end of that row, cast on 28 more stitches–use any one of the single strand cast-ons. Turn the work and knit across those stitches plus the ones already on the needle, then cast on 28 more. You’ll have your 122 stitches.

When you’re ending with a purl row, it means you’ve just finished purling it.

For the sleeves, you’ll be casting on 28 sts at the beginning of the next 2 rows. Use a knitted caston, or backwards loop. Or a cable caston - any of those are alright. With the extra stitches you’ll then be working across 122 total. Knit every row, slipping the first st on each row which will make a chain stitch edge at the cuff. When the sleeves are 5 1/2 inches long, BO off all stitches on the purl side. Even though the sleeves and top part of the sweater are in garter stitch, it sounds like the lower part of the body is stockinette, so when you BO, have the purl side facing you.


Might I make a teeny suggestion here. Practice this. On something else. I had 4 different books showing 4 different ways to do a cable cast on…one of them ended up in a very loose cast on which was ok for that particular project (a felted tote). After I practiced, I saw what I needed to do to make it snug. Amy might even have a video on this (if you chose to do a cable cast on). There was another video out there that helped to clarify for me too.