Hello all Hope some one can guide me

I am doing a swatch simply caron #4 yarn
I am using 8’s as directed the instructions are 16 cast on by 22 rows = 4"
I get the 22rows + 4" but my cast on of 16 stitches are only 3 1/2 “
if I go to 9’s to get the across gauge I lose the 22 rows = 4”

What should I do?


Some patterns are written by the row (ie, knit so many rows before you increase or decrease) and then your row gauge would be important.

In that case, if you know the row gauge of the pattern and you know the row gauge you are actually getting when you knit, you could probably adjust the number of rows so that you get the right measurements.

Others are written so that you do something for a certain length before you change (ie, knit until your piece measures so many inches) and then it won’t really matter that your row gauge is off.

Hope this helps!


It is very important to get the correct stitch gauge. If you are getting 16sts over 3.5" and you found that going to a size 9 needle gets you the extra 1/2" over the 16sts then you should go with the size 9. Like the previous poster said, if your row gauge is off it can almost always be compensated for by working more or less rows. You can’t compensate for an incorrect width which is why the stitch gauge is so important.

also, when you knitting a gage swatch, you should cast on more stitches than it tells you you should have. if it says you should have 16 stitches in 4 inches, you should cast on maybe 22 sttiches and then measure 4" and count how many stitches you have in that area. That way you aren’t measuring the wonky edges.