Guage on Lace-y Patterns

Okay, here is a pic of my swatch. It is bigger now, but I wanted you all to be able to see the pattern. So now, I go to measure the swatch, and I am having trouble determining how to measure it accurately. With all the holes, and so forth, it is difficult to make sure I am only measuring the 18 sts that make up the gauge. Any tips or pointers in this situation? I haven’t really done a “holey” piece before that requires gauging.

Maybe measure the width of the entire piece and divide by the number of stitches on your needle?

That is SUCH a great idea! Thank you. I am reswatching right now. I think just based on eyeballing it that my gauge was a little small, so I am going to re-knit and then measure again. I am going to use your trick and see how it works.

Does the pattern specify that the swatch is to be made in the lace pattern? Often the gauge is measured over stockinette which of course is a whole lot easier…just a thought…

Unfortunately it says to swatch in pattern! :frowning:

What I’ve done, and I don’t know if this is the best way, is to lay my measure across the pattern and then count the stitches that are up on the needle that correspond with the stitches I’m measuring in the pattern.

Yes, that was generally what I did. It seemed my gauge was a bit small, so I am going to swatch again. The sweater is only slightly fitted, so it doesn’t have to be EXACT, as long as I am careful and close, I think.

I just thought of this: what if I calculate (as suggested earlier in this thread) for the number of stitches in an inch and then measure that? It might be off because it isn’t measure over the pattern, right? And since they specified to swatch in pattern. OY!

The lace pattern does change the gauge. If you have the four inches measured out in pattern, though, you can see how many stitches it took to create those 4 inches. I think you’ll be close enough. Maybe if you count and measure across the back along a ws row if it’s purled?

I’m making a lacy sweater now which is supposed to be measured in pattern. I started with the sleeves and a needle size up since I generally have to do that anyway. I did measure after a while and counted the stitches on the needle and it was right and the sleeve measures what it’s supposed to, so it worked.

Okay, cool. I am VERY excited about this pattern. I have really been pushing myself to branch out and try more demanding garments. I even bought spendy yarn for this. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice Ingrid and everyone!