Guage: 1 stitch off

Okay, so my guage is one stitch off for this swatch I am making. I am making it for a baby snuggle.

Should I worry and go with the next needle size down? I’m knitting with 3s as it is. I have 2s though.

If that’s one stitch per 4 inches off… I reckon no problem if you are only that much off. One stitch per inch, I’m not sure, but use whatever gets you closest. DO NOT try to knit tighter or looser. Keep your tension the same and use whatever needle gets you closest.


It’s only one stitch off per four inches, like you said. So, instead of 23 stitches per 4 inches, i am getting 22

I forgot to mention also, that the guage is shown in the smallest needle size. That’s the needle I am supposed to use for the edging. The larger needle size (they recommend 5US) is for the majority of the thing. So should I really really try to get guage with my 2s instead of my 3s? I just wish they would’ve posted for the 5s.

it’s a baby snuggle… they are made quite loose from my experience, and i would say, you’ll be right. Personally, I would start knitting… but that’s just me :teehee:

Hmm, I think I might try one size down anyway just for poo and giggles. I haven’t had a kid, not preggers, nor do I hang out with anyone that has a kid, or a baby really. So I didn’t know. I’ll just try the 2s and see what happens. haha. I’m always off on guage, and I’m just getting to the point that I want to be right on with it. My rows are always off, and I just don’t understand that at all.

Row gauge is hard to get, especially to match st gauge, but it’s not as important as getting the stitch gauge right. Most patterns tell you to knit for X inches anyway, and shaping rows are usually only over a few rows, so it’s easier to not stress over row gauge.


Hi Angela,

I’d just go ahead if you’re getting 22 st / 4 " instead of 23. Total width of the FO will be slightly larger than the pattern states, BUT…

BABIES NEVER GET ANY [size=2]SMALLER[/size] :rofl: , so a little extra “growing room” is great (as long as we’re not talking Toddler 4 for a 6 mo. old (LOL)).

I’m always worried that baby items will be TOO small, and you wouldn’t want the baby to outgrow the item while it’s still on the needles! :doh:
(Yes, I’ve had that happen - saved that item for a different baby.)

Happy Knitting!!! :happydance:


one stitch too many or too less?

If I were 1 stitch off from the 4" recommended gauge…I would leave it be and count my blessings. Although, just out of curiosity, I might knit another swatch using the smaller needle…and see how “off” that needle gives. I’m betting that it would be worse…but, out of curiosity…try the other swatch.