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I am a long-time Harry Potter fan and we have a little guy in our family, about the age Harry was when he started at Hogwarts, who is probably a more avid fan than I am.

I would LOVE to knit him some fingerless gloves with a Gryffindor type symbol on them. Does anyone have any ideas? I’ll be seeing him around Christmas and would love to surprise him.



I found these socks, you could take the logo off the foot and put it on the mitt.

this one might work, though it might be too big:

Or maybe just stripes in the house colors.

that is a great idea!
Here is what I found for you:

or this:

or the patterns of the book scarf?

Or all houses?

A few charts for basics:

Some more:

None of these are mitts for a kid, but you will find enough inspiration and charts / design features.

I’d love to see what you create and my fingers itch to make something like this, too.

Almost totally off-topic:

[B]I mean, THIS is just crazy!!![/B]


You guys are AWESOME! This is so cool! I’ll certainly be able to translate some of these designs over to the fingerless mitts. And my little “Harry Potter Buddy” might even get some socks to match!

He’ll be so happy!

Thanks so much for your kindness!

Ruthie :hug:

Here is a great Gryffindor mitten that I’m sure you could be made into a mitt.

All the houses can be found here. So nicely done!

I have the yarn for Ravenclaw and can’t wait to start!