Grumble stupid bad kitkat

Prepare for a vent:
So I am working on my sock for my sock class, and am of course reading Silver’s most excellent tutorial as I go…I get to the part where I start my heel flap, which I am supposed to have completed by tomorrow. I should have just stopped right there becuase I had been knitting for a few hours and I was actually ANXIOUS about this stupid step of rearranging the stitches…but no, I plowed ahead. First row fine, second row, (the slip 1 knit 1 row), I go about 2/3 of the way and something isn’t right, somehow I think I slipped two stitches at one point rather than one, so I start to reverse knit…and all of a sudden there is some weird yarn thing hanging in the middle!!!

I am sure that it will be an extremely simple fix, but I looked at it and fiddled a little, but I didnt want to make a bad situation worse…and luckily tomorrow I am taking off because I have some kid-related things to do, and I will just be at LYS at 10 AM sharp so they can help me fix this silly thing so I can finish my heel flap.

ARGH! I so should have stopped!

Sounds frustrating! Don’t feel bad, Kitkat. All will be figured out soon! Your LYS is there to help. (Thank God for LYS’s right?)


Aw! I feel for you! I can’t stand it when I mess up on something that should be so simpled just because I want to finish that next step…it’s so frustrating! Im sure it will be resolved though :XX:

That’s so frustrating! I messed up my own WIP last night. Somehow I miscounted and screwed up my pattern. I had to frog 5 rows! I have two questions about your post:

  1. What is reverse knitting?
  2. LYS’s help with things like this?!?!

Oh shoot. Sorry to hear you were having trouble. I’m sure they can help when you go to the class.

So sorry to hear you’re having trouble. But once you get this one the next one will be a piece o cake :thumbsup:

MOST…sadly not all…love to help with these things. they don’t care that you didn’t buy the yarn from them or the pattern or anything like that. they like seeing the WIP and will quite often help you fix anything that is broken or make sense out of patterns that are written badly! :wink: i have even seen them take the work out of the knitter’s hands to help fix it and get them back on track!

Just back from LYS - it was a dropped stitch (which I knew, but just didnt know how to pick up in pattern, as I was doing a slip 1 knit 1 pattern) and I had thought I had added a stitch but instead had just picked up a loop. It took her 1.5 minutes to show me how to fix. LOL. Luckily it was right by my workout place (I am taking today off to do all these kid-things-so I took 45 minutes me time to get my fat butt in shape).

My LYS is very nice about it - even if it isn’t their yarn or for one of their classes (which this one was). There was another lady in there having her booboo fixed too. They know that the nicer they are, the more likely you are to patronize their store. While there are many things I can buy cheaper on line, sometimes I need something right then and there. So for current projects, I tend to buy supplies there if needed. For potential future projects, I tend to buy online.

I think after Christmas what I need to do is a big test swatch - and make lots of errors…and fix them. Not just garter or stockinette booboos. This is my weakest area in knitting. My gauge is consistent, I have no appearance problems, but when I make a mistake, I kid you not, I have mild symptoms of a panic attack. The heart beating faster, the sweating - its really silly because this is not an eternal issue, ya know???

That’s awesome they were so helpful! :cheering:

glad it all worked out - no more R. Jordan for you! :wink:

Oh it has continued to be a fiasco - so she fixed it this AM, I go and knit my first purl row, and I have an extra stitch, I can’t see where it is, I can’t figure it out, but I do know that it isn’t right…so back I went at 3:30…I was wrapping the first purl stitch, who knew??? So I get all fixed and everything, and I get home, and do ten rows (i need to have 24 done) and the next thing I know, there is a huge mess, a huge unravel from the edge. I did not see a stitch drop, I have no idea what happened, all I can figure is that maybe this is going back to fix one and maybe it wasnt really fixed.

So, I put it down. Ate dinner, and am going to go BACK to LYS 45 minutes early. See if they can help me figure this mess out and see what to do. At this point, I don’t have time to make another swatch, and my guess is that I am going to have to frog back to the beginning of the heel flap.

I am trying very hard right now to remember I do this because its enjoyable. Because right now it sure isnt!