Grr! Gauge problems (again)

Hey everyone. Anyone who’s been keeping up with my knitting recently knows that I started a sweater, had to frog 16 inches because of gauge inconsistency and was like, I can’t do sweaters.
Well I took my first knitting class today, and the teacher (who’s pretty familiar with me and my knitting, as I’ve been going to Open Knitting for a month or so) has been suggesting working on a sweater and she brought in patterns. Well we picked one that I liked (and she does too, we’re both supposed to knit it together…awwww! lol) and we worked on gauge in class today. I have a fear of getting gauge, mostly beacuse I can’t. Well we tried on 13s that the pattern calls for, but it was far too small. We tried on 15s and it was right, so I bought a 15 circular needle while I was there. Well I came home and started the sweater. It’s knit in the round at the bottom, so I did 7 rows of twisted ribbing, then I did the first four rows of stockinette. Just to see how I was on my gauge, I tested to see how many sts = 4 inch (at the class today, I was right on with 15s… 10 sts = 4 in.) Well now, 10 sts = 3 in… 13 sts = 4 in!!!
How am I always sooooooo off from my gauge? WHYYYY? If I decide that I don’t like knitting sweaters in the future, that’s one thing. But I don’t want to not knit sweaters just because I can’t… ya know? I just, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I don’t know what to do, and I don’t know why my gauge is always so far off. So…

Any advice?


i don’t know how to help, but i have seen all the frustrations you have had lately, and i wanted to come give you a :hug:.

I don’t know what to do, and I don’t know why my gauge is always so far off. So…Any advice?

My suggestion is don’t try to adjust your knitting style to meet gauge, just change your needle size. Forget what the “suggested” needle size is, just use what gets you to gauge.

I’m thinking that the inconsistency will go away with practice. When I started knitting, I knit SO TIGHTLY that my instructor just cringed watching me. I made it such a chore and had to keep increasing the needle size just to come close to pattern gauge. After a while, I relaxed and knitting became fun and not such a pain (literally and figuratively speaking). Now, I normally use what the pattern says (but if I don’t, who cares?). :slight_smile:

You ribbing will pull in your knitting, so work some more in the stockinette and see if it gets wider the further you get from the ribbing. Four rows really isn’t enough.

You could still be right on!

I’m with Ingrid, knitting stretches out a lot the first few rows. Wait until you have at least 4-6" or more, the weight keeps it from stretching.

Knit about 20 rows and then check your gauge, you’re probably spot on with your gauge, it’s my philosophy never to check gauge until at least 4 inches after the ribbing. And, don’t try to knit looser/tighter, just change needle sizes. If you try to change your knitting style, you’ll likely end up either relaxing/tightening back to your original style and completely throw off gauge, so just adjust needle sizes for gauge.

Hey everyone. Just a little update, I knit for 17 more rows of stockinette and it’s loosened up a bit, but it’s12 sts. = 4 in… still about two stitches over every four inches :frowning:

When you knit your guage swatch, did you knit it in the round or back and forth? Most people’s tension changes between the 2 (mine does anyway - mine is much looser knitting solely in the round).

If I were at this point in the project, I think I’d put half the stitches on another needle and try the sweater on.

If it’s really too small and you don’t think blocking could make it bigger, then you’d have to start over. If it fits, well then, great.

If it fits down at the bottom but you think you’ll need more room for the top, then you could add some stitches.