Gross~ Now I Don't even want to use this book

Because my daughters Blood is all over it~ YUCKO! :thud:

I went into A C Moore with my 50% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket and my daughter was in the back of the carriage and my son’s carseat was on the front. So I think, Let me go get that knitting book I really want with my coupon! I’m flipping thru it and my dd keeps asking can i have it, can i have it? So, I give it to her. And we go cruising around the store. My dd is quiet as a mouse so I shop on! My ds is sleeping so Rock On~ Peace in a craft store! :woohoo:
After about 10 mins, I head up to the register & my dd starts screaming! Huh? I Look around the ginormous carseat to the back and it is a blood bath!??? My Poor daughter has blood all over and my poor book~ Oh, Lord! :doh:
Turns out, My Poor Gal got 2 awful papercuts from the book. Needless to say, we left pretty quickly~ Has This ever happened to anyone?!?
And the book looks awful~ some of the pages are stuck together~ EWWWW! (You can see the Amityvillehorrorshow below)

awwww…that stinks. I hope your little one’s paper cuts feel better.

Yikes! Hope she’s okay. Paper cuts always hurt way more than it seems like they ought to.

Is the blood mostly along the edges of the book or did it get inside (onto the pages) too? If it’s just on the edges, you could try sanding off the stained portion.

maybe you could use some rubbing alcohol on the cover or pages and try removing the blood and it’s bacteria :wall:

Maybe try some peroxide, since it also has a bleaching effect. Paper cuts stink! Hope she’s ok.

Cleaning up blood is no fun. I used to get bloody noses a lot when I was little (I’m sure my Mom just loooved that ) and still do once in a while.
I had a pretty bad one while I was driving back from work. I was trying to stop it from dripping all over with one hand and then driving and then parallel parking with the other. It got all over my pants and some on my shirt, but luckily missed my car and coat. Then I dripped a bunch in the bathroom turning on the light and running to the sink.

Bleech usually works well for cleaning up blood. I don’t know about a book though…

For clothes I handwash them first to get most of it out then spray on a stain remover and put them through the normal wash.

I think sanding the edge is a great idea. I’ll have to try that on a magazine holder here.

Good luck! I hope your daughter’s cuts heal fast.

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser may be worth a try. The reviewer in the link even used it dry successfully.

Or you could dial up your local CSI and ask them how to remove blood stains. :wink:

Use Hydrogen Peroxide!!!
Bleach will cause more damage. Hydrogen Peroxide will do the trick.

Seriously, that is my favorite cleaning implement of all time. I actually do little informercials for my friends. I was helping my best friend clean her kitchen before her family arrived and she saying, oh don’t spend time on that, the wine and coffee stains don’t come off the counter. I’m all like, “OH REALLY?”, check THIS out! Not only do those things works well, they work easily and quickly. The only other cleaning thing I use that works as well as the commercial says is the tide stick pen thingy. Seriously. Black coffee on white button down shirt? NO PROBLEM!

This will sound gross… There’s an old quilter’s trick about using saliva to clean blood off of fabric (for when you prick your finger quilting). The trick is that only the saliva from the person who belongs to the blood will work. So–you can get your daughter to dampen some cotton with her saliva and see if that will take care of. You’re on your own to get the spit out of the book after you get the blood cleaned off.