Grocery Store Knitting Accessories

I bought a turkey baster at the grocery store today, to use for “Dyeing Wool with Powdered Drink Mixes” per Creative Knitting January 2006 page 63.

My DH was helping put away groceries … which he NEVER does … and when he saw it he said … “I thought we were having ham for Christmas Dinner” I said … we are … he just looked at it and said … ok.

I didn’t even try to explain … but I laugh every time I think about it. :lol:

Edited Title from We are having ham for Christmas dinner

:roflhard: :roflhard:

:roflhard: :thumbsup:

Were having ham too!

lol i saw that subject and thought “wow that’s random…all right” :rofling:

silly husbands…trying to understand! :rollseyes:

I was thinking of other things I have purchased at the grocery store for knitting …

bamboo skewers - sanded and topped with polymar clay for knitting needles

string licorice - we used it at our Kids Knit Christmas party to have a cast on contest and a tie the most slip knots competition (along with the bamboo skewers… as is out of the package, not sanded)

Electrasol 2 in 1 tabs and Slim Jims - the tube “boxes” will make perfect knitting neelle holders once I knit and felt a cover

[size=3][color=red]M&M’s[/color] - row counters … thanks Hildie … [color=green]BEST [/color]knitting hint I ever got[/size]

fancy ended toothpicks - little knitted swatch for gift tags

plastic bags and containers - always checking the size to see if needles will fit

Anyone else knit shop no matter what kind of store they are in???
What did you buy … I probably need one too!

Please explain… although M&Ms never last in our house, no matter how big the bag! :lol:

I use plastic food containers to hold my dpns and other small items. M&M minis containers hold yarn needles. I also have a toothbrush holder that I use for my crochet hooks. It only has 4 holes, so it’s useless in our family {our house ranges from 6-9 ppl!}, and it looks kinda cute on my desk with the hooks sticking out of it!

Debbie those are brilliant ideas. I have to admit I have never looked with knitting eyes in the grocery store, but I will have to try it now. I have lost about 6 tapestry needles so now I have them on an old credit card size from the fridge magnet, no more cats stealing them or magical disappearance.

Please explain… although M&Ms never last in our house, no matter how big the bag! :lol:[/quote]

aah that’s the best trick ever…ya have 20 rows to knit, line up 20 M&Ms…finish a row…eat an M&M! :thumbsup:

Oh this would never work in my house. Either a cat, a dog, or a husband would walk by and swipe one off the table. I’ll have to come up with something no one likes… :thinking:

Sounds great… in theory… in my house, either my DS or DD would get their hands on them and screw up my count… just like they do WITHOUT the M&Ms!!! :roflhard:

I used chopsticks from resturants for dpn’s. I had to take a pencil sharpener and get the other side to about where the other one is and then sanded them down. They work like a dream too:)

lol i think you have to do what y’all do when they want something from you the way it is…“wait until i finish this row and then you can have one!”


How about lima beans? :wink:

I like lima beans! :rollseyes:

I am ALWAYS looking with knitting eyes. Sometimes I even look with other eyes too. Ooo that paper would make great stationary. Or that box would be a great CD holder. Those crates would make great shelves. I guess I have recycling eyes. :lol:

Same here, feministmama … My current theme in the library is Warm Up with a Good Book … EVERYTHING that resembles cold or snow or winter or burrrrrr … becomes part of the theme. Part of the reason I chose it is so I can use mittens and scarves and some of my knitting childrens books :slight_smile:

Debbie dont tell me your cold in florida? It is 58 and my roommate has a sweater on and the heat running, meanwhile I am in shorts and wondering why he and the cats are bundled up with 3 blankets on his bed.

OMG 58 degrees??? I’d be NAKED!

The M&M trick came from one of the women I used to S&B with (I’ve abandoned them for YOU ALL, hahaha). Wouldn’t little shots glasses of wine work just as wel, though?


I mentioned beans because then no one else would take them. :wink:

My mom use to do the M&M tricks with my sister when she was little to get her to work harder on her homework.