Greyhound sweaters

I just started volunteering for our local greyhound adoption, and I’m looking at patterns to knit sweaters for some of the dogs.
Has anyone knit greyhound sweaters before and have a favorite FREE (Must be free, I have no money - but fortunately a good Stash) sweater pattern? They currently have about 40 dogs so I know I won’t be able to knit sweaters for them all, but every little bit helps. I’m also hoping that sometime I can sell some dog sweaters (and human hats) and then be able to buy some new yarn from my profits, and then knit more dog sweaters to donate.

Simple patterns are best because I can memorize the basic pattern and knit it anywhere, or add a more complex pattern to keep from getting bored.

Hi! That sounds like a great way to help and stash bust all in one!
I just answered a similar question in pattern central. Here are just a few patterns I found on Knitting Pattern Central under pets. They have a ton more but these are all marked as easy or beginner.…SweaterAD.html…g-sweater.html

Thanks, Holly! I’ll check out the other thread in Pattern Central, too. :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t know why Knitting Pattern Central wasn’t the first place I looked - it has been for many other things, and delivered as usual something that I can’t wait to make. The Basic Hound Hoodie
Most of what I make will be sold for a fundraiser by the organization, so I checked with sldknitting to be sure it is OK. After I finish one or two of these, I’ll try a couple of other patterns, but I think this is so adorable! I’ll be sure to post pictures.


I have been knitting greyhound sweaters for fund raising purpose. I don’t really have a pattern, but if you are an advance knitter, I can walk you through the basic constructions of the sweater I sell on etsy. The greyhound sweaters I sell are quite elegant and very pretty.

Maybe someday I ought to write it up and ask for knitters to help knit some for donations.

Hello Pltsou,

I just checked out your link and your greyhound sweaters are fantastic! I have been searching for a nice pattern to knit a sweater for my newly adopted Spanish Galgo out of Spain through Holland’s Greyhound Rescue. She is shaped just like a greyhound but a few inches smaller. I would love to get a hold of your pattern. The Dutch rescue people have suggested I knit things to sell on the site after I showed some of the dog toys I made. My mother and I would be in to doing that. Is there any way I can get my hands on your pattern?

Please send me a private message.

I don’t have a pattern, but I’m in the process of writing it up. I can walk you through the basic constructions if you are interested.