Green Mountain Knitting bags ... how/when to buy?

Does anyone know how often Green Mountain knitting bags stocks?

I would really like to buy one of her bags… I waited patiently for Thursday, since that is supposed to be the stocking time. There don’t appear to be any bags for sale to me.

Does anyone know how she does things or if she’s just too busy to do any bags right now?

I guess I could e-mail her. I hate to pester though.

she mostly does custom bags. she puts a few (usually no more than about 5) up for sale each week. I have NEVER been able to get there before they were gone so i would set an alarm to remind you tonight…lol.

basically you can look through her designs and fabrics and then let her know what you would like and see what she can help you with. she told me that mine would be done in 4-5 weeks…it was closer to 3 months i believe. Beautiful though!

I think i read in her blog thing that she was going to stop taking orders on the 15th until after the new year. I may be wrong on that date.

I am hoping that she will change her mind on that Mansfield bag because i think it is exactly what i have been looking for in a big ol’ bag. I can understand why she wouldn’t though…it is a HUGE bag!

eta: yup…the 15th.
“I’ve decided to accept custom orders until September 15th. I’ll resume taking them after the holidays.”

Duh! I guess I was looking at the site wrong… I thought it was supposed to be 8:30 in the MORNING.

Thanks to your reply, though, I figured it out and last night got this gorgeous medium/large carpet bag!!!

I can’t believe I paid that much for a bag.

And, I really wanted one of those sock bags. But I couldn’t resist this, it is so loverly!