Green Gable anyone?

I cast on Green Gable tonight and wondered if anyone wants to join me! I’m using Craft, which is from the Vickie Howell collection. It is 65% organic cotton and 35% milk fiber. It has such a nice feel and drape to it. If you look at the link, you can see the color I am using - it is Todd #767. I love that it is top down, in the round.


I want to join you!

I think I’m in too! I have noting OTN! and I’ve been eyeballing this one. I need to peek through my stash and see what yarn I have :slight_smile: I just bought the pattern.

I’ve never joined a KAL before!

Oooh, I just started Green Gable last night! I’m using some hand-dyed merino. I’ve gotten past the yarn-overs and am about halfway to removing the sleeve stitches and knitting the body. It’s a really quick knit!

This is next on my list, but I just cast on a different tank a few days ago. I’ll be reading your experiences eagerly, though!

I’ve been looking for a summer top to try, and I really like this one. Only concern is that I haven’t knitted a garment before…do you think this one will be too complicated. Also, concerned that I need an xxL size, which isn’t available… sighs

If anyone has any advice, I’d be glad to hear it.


hahaha. glad i looked, because i was about to start a KAL for this one! i cast on tonight with KP ShineSport in River and got about 5 rounds done. can i tell you how much i DON’T like knitting into the backward loop cast on stitches?! :wall: i had SUCH a hard time getting past the first row!!!
so i’m hoping it’ll be smoother sailing now that i’ve gotten past that part! i’ve been drooling on this pattern for a while. :inlove: i hope it turns out nice! i’ve had issues with getting sweaters to fit lately…so i’m hoping this one will will be an easier one to figure that out with…

Yay! I’m so glad there are some others making this!!! :cheering::cheering: I was away at a meeting last night and only got a couple rows in. It definitely was interesting doing that first row after the cast on.

Meghan - I am worried about the fit too, but I think it helps that it is top down so we can try it on as we go. My measurement is 35" and I am making the small.

Tik - I think this is a pretty easy garment to make. The k1f&b might be a little tricky at first, but Amy’s video is great.

Hope to see pictures soon from everyone. I’ll try and take one too!

i sure hope it fits! i measure 38" so i went with the medium. i think the last pattern i made i went with the large…and i didn’t try on anything until it was too late (well, too late for lazy people like me who didn’t want to tear it out!)
i hope it knits up fast! i’m hoping to make a Glee and a rusted root too!

I hear you. I even swatched this time! :shock: I was so proud of myself for doing so. I got gauge the first time so I’m really hoping it will work out.

My next sweater is going to be the Eyelet Cardigan. I actually bought that kit in that color. I like Rusted Root a lot too. I’ll have to go check out Glee!

Elen, though it will require buying a book, I strongly suggest you get Stephanie Japel’s [U]Fitted Knits[/U]. She explains exactly how to adapt patterns to fit YOU based on your measurements (I mean it’s not like all women with 36" busts are shaped the same). The book also has some beautiful sweater patterns, and all are knit with raglan sleeves, just like GG.

Ooh, I love the eyelet cardigan! I saw that when I bought the GG pattern but had to resist…

I didn’t use the backwards loop cast-on; I used long-tail. I couldn’t get backwards loop to work. I hope using the long-tail doesn’t affect the fit :help:

I think I’ve knit the lacy portion incorrectly or something; it’s all wonky and looks nothing like the sweater on the pattern pic. Anyone else having that problem?

I know a lot of people said that the lace was a bit wonky until it was blocked. You are much further along then me but I’ll try and take a picture tomorrow morning.

okay, the eyelet sweater is now on my list too! we’ll just move over and start a new knit along when we finish our gables! hahaha

as for the backwards look cast on? i almost did exactly what you did, angelia, and tore it off for a long-tail cast on! i don’t think it’ll effect it. i think they did it for the look along the edge. i’ve also heard of a lot of people who had issues with the lace rolling, so blocking is the key!

i’m going to get that fitted knits book. i keep seeing cute sweaters made out of there! and i read through my “knitting without tears” book again hoping it would help with getting sweaters to fit, but i’m still just as clueless!

i’m off to amazon! :happydance:

Thanks so much, Angelia! I will look around and see if I can find a copy to peruse (as I usually don’t buy books sight unseen).

You’re welcome! Maybe Amazon has a “look inside this book” feature for it–definitely worth looking into. I think I’ve worked out the math for a larger size of GG. I’ll quadruple check it and PM you with what I think the numbers should be.

I figured out what the problem was with the lace: the knitter. :roll: I did [k2tog,yo] only; I didn’t alternate it with [yo,k2tog]. So, right now, what was the top of the sweater is a big ol’ heap of yarn barf.

I think this next go round, I’m going to do a provisional cast-on and then do the crochet bind-off for the edge to acheive the same look as the backwards loop, but without all the hassle.

oh that stinks Angelia! :pout: Did you rip it out??

My picture isn’t the greatest because it is hard when it is still so small. But it does move along pretty quickly. And this yarn is really great. I got it half off, otherwise I would have never bought it because it is expensive for not much yardage.

Oooh, preeeety!! :inlove:

I did notice the price of the yarn, which is why I’m not using it. Plus I don’t really like knitting with cotton, even if it does contain a bit of wool for stretch.

And yep, I frogged mine. No biggie, though–at least this time it will look right! :teehee:

Yeah, I’m not usually a big fan of cotton either. It has milk fiber in it (weird, huh?) and it makes it so soft. Very un-cotton like.

I’m very intrigued by the milk fiber…what IS that exactly? :thinking:

I found this about milk fiber:

Today’s Milk fiber is environmentally friendly, superior in strength and has far better qualities than man-made fibers. Some of the advantages of milk fiber :

Milk fiber adopts continues graft copolymerization techniques. The producing process has no effect on environment and formaldehyde in the products is zero. So milk fiber can be considered as ‘green product’.
[li]Milk fiber is a new synthetic fiber, which adopts milk protein as main material and high-technical process. Milk fiber has the advantages natural fiber combined with synthetic fiber. Milk fiber PH is 6.8 which is the same to human skin. Milk fiber contains seventeen amino-acids and natural anti-bacterial rate is above eighty percent. So milk fiber has sanitarian function. [/li]> [li]Dyeing stuff for milk fiber is reactive, acid or cationic dyes. Milk fiber is made from milk casein, instead of fresh milk. [/li]> [/ul]

And this is really interesting too. Who knew??