Grecian Plait Sweater

This looks like a great idea for next Christmas. Has anybody else made one of these? Want to join in? :grphug: I’m going to make one for myself, first, to make sure it turns out the way I want it to. If it works, I’ll make 3 more for our daughter, granddaughter, and our son’s girlfriend.

I started a sample, but I’m not happy with it, yet.

I want mine to look more gathered under the bodice, so I’m going to change the bottom to a 4/2 rib, then decrease by knitting the purl stitches together. This negates the whole “Grecian Plait” concept, but the rest of the pattern is perfect for what I want. My sample doesn’t show the pattern very well, since only one stripe of purl shows, but I think it will look good when it gets bigger. I also think the vertical stripe will be slenderizing, and we can all use a little of that. :thumbsup:

I also don’t want the bottom to be tight, and this pattern starts at the bottom, so I’m going to do a provisional cast-on so I can start from the narrow part under the bodice and work out in both directions, eliminating the tight cast-on problem.

I don’t want the top to be see-through to the bra, so I’m going to add a 2nd color, but my sample didn’t turn out very well, so I’ll have to find something fuzzy, without being too heavy.

I also don’t like the hole and lump that results from increasing by knitting into the front and back of the same stitch. Is there a better way? If I use a fuzzier yarn, I’m sure that problem will disappear, too.

My problem is that we all live in a mild climate, so if I use the mohair-type yarn from the pattern, we won’t be able to wear these very long. I’m experimenting with lighter-weight yarn, but it’s not coming out too well, yet.

Another problem is that our daughter only likes cotton and none of my cotton yarns give the soft look of this pattern. Her objection to other yarns is that she thinks they’re all itchy. I’m thinking rayon or silk blends might be okay. Any ideas?

All comments and suggestions are welcome. :heart:

Wow, that really is beautiful-such a simple, classic style, too!

I also live in a warmer climate…I don’t know what might be a good substitute, either. I will be curious to see what answers might be given!

If I ever get most of my current projects done, I would love to join you!

If I ever get most of my current projects done, I would love to join you!

Perfect! By then I’ll be an expert on this one. LOL!
Another change I’m making to this is that I want to kitr. I guess I’ll do a lifeline for the top half of the provisional cast-on to keep that secure but out of the way while I’m knitting the "skirt."
I’m a slow knitter, but I have lots of time. I haven’t tried a serious project like this in years. Can anybody guess as to whether I’m being over-ambitious by trying to make 4 of these in a year? How long does it take you folks to knit a sweater?