Great Yarn shops in Seattle area

At the end of August we went to visit the Hubby’s family in Mukilteo & Everett, Wa. We went to quite a few places but these three were extra special.

Great Yarns in Everett had a great selection & a very friendly people. The owner says she is in her 80’s, but seems more like her sixties. We were in there twice & both times poeple were knitting & chatting. A very well stocked & welcoming store. Great energy!

Hilltop Yarn & Needlepoint in Queen Anne. It was soooooo cooool! They had so much stuff it was overwhellming! (in a good way) I spent over three hours in there & they didn’t mind. They where very helpful too. They didn’t bug you but where right there when you had a question. Great energy there too. The whole neighborhood was pretty neat. While waiting for me, Kevin discovered an awesome tea shop, when he went out for drinks. The teas were so good I have even ordered from them online since. Speeeedy shipping.
This was at the Teacup.

Needless to say I had a blast at the inlaws. Can’t always say that.

If you get back out this way, head south to Olympia and a shop called Canvas Works. It started out as a canvas store run by the man of the family, and then the wife and daughters started up yarn and supplies and they now have about 2/3 of the place in yarn, patterns and accessories. They are the most helpful people of anyone yarn shop owners I have come across and always pleasant to deal with. It is worth it for me to drive that 18 miles just to go there rather than the one mile to the store near my house.