Great tip in the bind-off video

I love Amy’s tip in her video. She says to use a size larger needle while binding off. Since my bind-off is always too tight, this has made a world of difference for me.


edited to add this was supposed to be a response to Rennagayle’s topic about binding-off

Thanks, Jade! I found your answer here, and that’s what counts. I somehow completely missed that tip in Amy’s video. Actually, I think I watched that video long before I was yet at the point of needing to know how to bind off. I will definitely give that a try on my next project. :thumbsup:

I’ve been known to use two needles in the right hand to bind-off! You’d be surprised how not-loose it looks. I’ve come to realize you can use really pretty gigantic needles in a bind-off, and sometimes you really have to!

Happy knitting!

I can hardly wait to get to the binding off of my next project, so I can try that out. :x:

I’ll have to try that when I’m finishing my dishcloth today.

Thanks for pointing that out!

[color=indigo]I hate binding off. I tried this on the dishcloth and it worked great. No trouble trying to get one stitch off and keeping the other on.

I have an afghan with 200 stitches–I’m so glad I found this before I have to bind off that baby. :notworthy: [/color]

I used to hate binding off. Maybe I still do. But I found the other day that it was one of those little life lessons, like scrubbing the bottom of a pot: if you make the adjustment, like ok, slow down, JUST DO IT SLOWLY AND CALMLY-it’s got to be done-so why not enjoy it…

well, this might sound squishy but it works. You put all that effort into the piece soooooooooo this is what is required to finish it.


I am a beginner, so I know this is probably goofy, but I have been binding off by using my fingers to bring the first stitch over the second (continental) in combination with the right needle…it just seem to work easier than using the left needle!

I don’t dislike binding off; I actually kind of like doing it. I just needed to know how to do it properly, which I think I do now know.

Hey, if the finger thing works for you, I say ‘great’! :happydance: