Great prices on knitting books

OMG I am so excited. I just came back from Beall’s Outlet and found they have discounted knitting books. My store had about five to choose from but you do have to dig through the books to find them.

The two I bought are:
Big Needle Knitting
Reg. $24.95 I paid $1.50:yay: (Couldn’t pass it up)

New knits on the block by Vickie Howell
Reg. $14.95 I paid $3.99 (It has some really cute costume patterns and stuff I had never seen before. I am going to make the fireman hat for my nephew.)

Just wanted to let everyone know to check their local Beall’s Outlet for some good finds. Hope you’re able to find something too.

We don’t have a beall’s outlet! :waah:

We don’t have one either! :pout: There are lots of different outlets about 50 or so miles from here but we never get great prices like that. :verysad:

Aw man, that would be awesome!!! But we don’t have a Beall’s either. :frowning: AND this comes after I just found out this week that you can’t use the 40% coupons at Michael’s on books or magazines anymore … anyone know that? Guess I’ve been living under a rock b/c I had no idea. What a bummer. I’ll have to read the fine print on the AC Moore coupon to see if there’s says that too.

Burke’s Outlet is the same company- some of the stuff at mine (and the register receipt) has Bealls Outlet on it. They have books too at GREAT prices, but what they have varies. (This is my go-to place for clothes for the kids- especially the 12 yr old.)

Here is their page with a store locator- I am going to see if mine has any knitting books: