Great niece's method of crochet

She’s 10 and has been doing it at least a couple years.
I dabbled with having her try English style knitting and she picked up on it pretty quick.


Whatever works!


Yep, seems to me that any English knitter that has problems going to crochet could do it this way.

Thanks, Mike! If you have ever made socks when you pick up the gusset sts you can do it with a crochet hook or knitting needle. I pick up my stitches with a needle but funny I crochet them on. What is a knitted stitch but a bunch of chain stitches hooked together and the purl stitch is the bump on the back of the chain stitch. It should be easier to pick up English but I can knit with English and the purl stitch gives me trouble.
Congratulations on having a great niece join the crochet and knitting groups. Supply her with lots of inspiration and patterns!

oh, that is so cool! I should try that. I don’t pull my stitches through far enough crocheting the “traditional” way. Tell her thanks!!

Did someone teach her to crochet with this method or did she come up with it by herself?

She came up with it by herself.
My sister (her grandmother) taught her to crochet the “right” way. I don’t know if this style happened at that time because she had problems wrapping with the left or if it happened after she had some alone time at home trying to figure it out.
My sister wasn’t going to teach her any more stitches until she came around to doing it the right way. I said to show her the stitches and let her figure out how to do it her way. So far it seems to be working. I didn’t pick up on what stitches she was doing on that square but it was more than the single crochet she learned with.

Once I saw her after she gained some speed is when I equated it to English knitting and had her try some. She almost instantly had the speed.
I knit Continental so I showed her similarly to how she has to be shown new crochet stitches, told her to knit just like she crochets and just make the needle tip do what I was doing.

When I showed her the video she said the way she points her index finger when pulling through looked weird… :rofl: