Great Haul

I awoke today and opened my e-mail. My LYS sent me a message saying for today only she was having a sale on all Noro. At least 60% off by the bag fulls. That woke me up more than the coffee that I immediately spit out onto my computer screen. Jumped up got dressed and sped to the shop.

I got a huge bag of Noro Transitions for about $9 a skein! Kureyon for about $5 a skein. Two Lorna’s Laces colorways of roving and some wool wash which I’ve been meaning to swing by to get.

I am absolutely drunk on fiber deals. Cannot contain my excitement. I :heart: my LYS.

For those going to SAFF, she will be at the Yarns Forever booth. Please stop by and check out her great stuff.

SUPER haul and you got them at great prices!




I think I hurt myself!

Just, wow!! had to clean my keyboard after drooling all over it!

Beautiful colors.
what an awesome haul!! :yay: :heart: :heart:

ooohhh… that looks like Black Purl… slurp!! :drool

-hh :inlove:

:inlove: :passedout:

A great deal on beautiful yarn – does it get any better?! I think not.

Oooh, love that purple one–show us a picture after it gets spun! Great deals.

Woooooooooweeeeeeeeeee! Ya done good!



The lorna’s laces roving is in black purl and seaside. It’ll be a while before I get to them. I’m spinning lots of merino, silk, and blends of both.

But, what am I gonna knit with about 7 skeins of transitions? Two are set aside for a scarf. And then I’ve got about 8 skeins of kureyon left over.

I’m over flowing with noro…which isn’t really a bad thing.

I want I want I want … :passedout: :thud: xxx

:muah: Sharon

Ooooh, it’s all so lovely!!! :heart: :heart:

Lovely yarn!!!

Can’t wait to see what it becomes.

Mama Bear

What about Lizard Ridge from Knitty for the Noro?? That’s what I would buy a large amount of Noro for.