Great Cotton Tops from Leisure Arts The Swimsuit cover-up

I have completed both front and back and now I’m on the last page where it says FRONT and then it tells me to place markers on back and then that’s where I get confused. if you could help me I would appreciate it. thank you. then there is the next part where it says LAST ROW (JOINING ROW). I’m thinking that it’s telling me to do the single crochet on the bottom by looking at the picture. Thank you for your help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grinning:

Is this your pattern?

Yes it is

Looking at the picture, my guess is both of those instructions are referring to the joining points between the front and back along the sleeves. So place markers where they need to connect, then working the joining row connecting them as you go.

LAST ROW wouldn’t be referring to a row of SC across the bottom if it’s called a joining row. That wouldn’t join anything.

(I’m making an assumption that when you say you’ve finished front and back that they’re stitched but still separate.)

Are you working bottom up or top down?

I completed each piece, front and back. I worked from bottom up. I haven’t stitched any part together.

I am at the part of LAST ROW (JOINING ROW) the second sentence is where I’m stuck. I have turned but I don’t know where to start at. I’ve tried reading the entire part first but I just get more confused. Please help. :astonished: