Graydog Knitting Needles ~~ Really Cool!

I was searching on eBay tonight for DPN’s, and came across some really cool ones! Thought I’d post a pic of them…They are expensive though… :?? I’d love to have a set, but don’t want to pay what they are going for on eBay. Anyone here ever heard of them, or have some??

OMG! I want them!!!

Carol, PINK ONES!!!

VERY cool! Are they wood? How much are they going for?

sadly, more than i paid for a set of interchangeables…very cool though

From memory they’re a polymer clay needle?

I guess if you’ve got access to a firing kiln, they’d be pretty easy to make :smiley:

A set of 5 like in the pic above is up to $58.99 with one day to go…It says they are hand turned multicolored dyed laminated hardwood…There is also a really pretty set of circulars up for auction here

Y’know what?

As gorgeous as they are… I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that kind of money…

SOOOOOOOO preeeeety!

The join doesnt look very smooth, though…

hehehe! I know I know! :drool:

:heart: the kitkat :heart:

Imagine fixing mistakes with one of those beautiful crochet hooks!

:shock: the DPNs are up to $93.99 now! :shock:

they are so pretty - but NO WAY would I spend that much…
if I had a LOTaLOTaLOT of money, I’d buy those for Robin, but I don’t think she’d ever use them since they’re too pretty.

Holy cow! They are up to $150.24!!! :shock: :shock: Those people are nuts! The dpn’s are really cool, but not $150 cool :lol:

I am in the wrong line of work. :doh:

Hey, they’re hand-made, one of a kind! If I had the money, I’d sure as heck purchase them.

Would you use them, or display them in a glass case? :lol:

If I had the money I’d donate it to Katrina victims

well, I’d use them!

I am also a potter(though haven’t been able to do clay much with having to raise my child for 17 years alone until my recent marriage) Anyway, yes, you can buy a set of dishes for 10 bucks at WalMart or puchase a hand-thrown plate by an artist for 40 bucks+. If I had the money, I would help out fellow artisans. Kinda like the person here who was upset that she was asked by a relative to knit something for cheap. Art/craft takes talent and time, and I think it’s worth the money (even though at this time of my life, and probably forever, I don’t have the money to purchase things that way).

At the same time, I’m big with recycling. So perhaps I’m just confuse-d.


:thinking: I guess considering that they are hand made, it probably would be worth the money…I just have a hard time spending alot of $$ in one place :lol:

Wow! Those are AWESOME! Did y’all see the gallery?? Their stuff is soooo cool! If I had the money (and by that I mean the money to cover it times about 10 to compensate for the lack of desire to throw my money to the wind), I’d SO buy those! But I most certainly would NOT actually use them!!! They’d be my pretty things. My knitting eye candy. (Insert Gollum voice here) My precious :drooling: