Grandson's Christmas Stocking HUGE!

[CENTER][SIZE=4]I knit this Christmas stocking for Devon, my grandson, I had no idea it would come out so HUGE![/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]This stocking fits my whole leg, past my thigh! [/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]I’m sure he’ll love it, but his parent’s will have a time filling this monster up! lol !![/SIZE][/CENTER]
This was the first time I knit with more than one color, or more than one ball of yarn at one time. Yikes, the inside of the stocking is very strange looking, yarn all over the place.
I still need to add the little sequince on the tree’s.
I will try to make a couple more for my other two grand son’s, but not quite as big. They’re just babies, so they won’t know they don’t have a huge Christmas stocking yet…lol!!!


Wow! That is a fancy one! So cute!

Wow! I bet you put in a lot of hard work for that! You must be a really dedicated knitter!:thumbsup:

:happydance: Great job and he will love it!!!

WOW, that’s amazing! Doesn’t it feel great when your ‘first time’ to do something comes out looking so wonderful? :slight_smile:

Hi Carey, and yes it does feel great!
I’m now in the process of knitting the next stocking and I have learned a lot from the first one. Like, how NOT to stretch the yarn across when switching colors…I did that in the first one and had to cut a lot of yarn because it was bunching up. Now, if I have to go more than a couple of stitches I make SURE there is enough yarn to go the next color change.
This probably is not making any sense…but I just wanted to say that Yes, it feels really good and I learned a lot! (:

I love it! It’s very cute, and think of the fun he’ll have pulling everything out. If I were his parents, I’d be thinking oranges and stuff like that for the bottom.

I would be so excited to be a kid (of any age, including my own;) ) and have a stocking that huge…that means I would get more candy!

Candy is good.:woohoo:

WOW!!! Good JOB!!! :yay:

Oh, Grandma, you have created a great stocking. It comes up to your thigh…and it will stretch!! Oh, the treasures it will hold. He’ll love it. It sounds like you learned a lot with the project and are putting your new knowledge right to work.

Looks nice! Great job!

haha i wish i had a stocking that big! good work! it is beautiful

Always nice when a project proves to be a learning experience! Good job!!!

If the floats on the inside seem problematic, esp if you’re going to fill the stocking and grabby hands might do damage, you might want to consider doing a lining.


I was thinking about that, a lining. I may just make him another one, and let him keep this one for, well, for whatever he wants, and use the new one for his real Christmas Stocking.
Maybe we can take this big ol’ stocking out every year and have a laugh. “grama’s first Christmas stocking!”.

What little boy wouldn’t love to have a stocking like that? Think of all the wonderful surprises he’ll pull out of it. It’s beautiful, and your knitting is beautiful as well. :sun: