Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth meets the Yarn Girls

I’m so proud of myself!! :happydance: I’ve been enlisted to knit a poncho for my 5 year old niece. I was going to do a garter stitch, knit two rectangles and seam them together type easy poncho, but the garter stitch alone wasn’t lookin’ too good so I’ve tried countless other stitch patterns and haven’t really found anything I’ve been crazy about. :?

So what I finally decided upon was the basic idea of the Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth , (starting off with small number of stitches and doing increases by using yarn overs, thus creating a little lace pattern border) and have combined it with a pattern from The Yarn Girls’ Guide to Simple Knits (the Easy, Breezy, Beautiful poncho). It is going to look awesome and I’m so excited that I (sort of) came up with this myself!!

Way to go Knitqueen! :thumbsup: Wish I had the Yarn Girl’s book, so I could see that pattern, but I can picture the GFD concept. Sounds like you’re taking some great design initiative!

Hope we get to see a progress pic when you get started!

Wow that sounds great. Hope that works for you. :smiley:

Hee Hee, I clicked on the link for the GFW, and had to knit it up…didn’t leave my seat until I did one… and it’s a little on the trapezoid side… ever so slightly. the first part of increasing up to the 44 stitches was spot on perfect, the decreasing back down was looser I guess. I’ll practice more, funny how the simplest thing can turn out more shapely that you expected… :frog:

Here’s the (almost) finished product. I need to buy another ball of yarn for a bit of fringe around the back :rollseyes: - so close to finishing and I run out. Also, my niece wants some kind of little string with fancy little beads on the bottom so I have to look into that. But anyways, you get the idea.

I really need to find some new models (of course they BOTH needed to try it on! :lol: )

You had better DESTROY those pics NOW, knitqueen…or those little BOYS in PINK ponchos are gonna want to DIE when you “accidentally” come across the pics when they are 16 and their girlfriends are over for dinner!

Very Cute!!! :thumbsup:

I am making a baby blanket using the same pattern. I really like the fringe you added.


Oh, your neice is going to love you, it’s so pretty! And KK’s right, your boys are going to hate you, if those pics surface when they’re in their teens. :rofling: They are cutie patooties, though. :smiley:

It’s not like I was forcing then to try it on…they were really quite willing!! hehe :roflhard: :roflhard: I just gotta laugh because these are 2 VERY non-girly boys. hahahahahahaha

Okay, here is the absolutely FINISHED produce (sans male child models!! :roflhard: )

It is simply beautiful, and your stitches are perfectly even. What an accomplishment! :thumbsup:

Owen & Levi are ADORABLE…they look better in pink than any boy Ive ever seen! :inlove: :inlove:

Wow, that really looks great!! :cheering:

The boys and the poncho are TOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! You should write that up as a pattern while you still remember what you did :slight_smile:

That’s absolutey gorgeous! And your models are too cute. :lol:


So cute! Nothing wrong with boys wearing pink. That’s the only way to change the world. So you gonna give us all the pattern? OOoo better yet, enter in one of them Lion Brand pattern contestss or something. Or write to the yarn company, see if you can get free yarn out of it.

WHoHOooo!! :cheering: Bee-yoo-tiful!! I wish my poncho turned out that pretty.
But then again … I used … [size=1]Homespun [/size]… :help: soo…what did I expect? :oops: Lesson learned! :wink:

It doesn’t actually count as a unique design though – I just combined two existing patterns and added a few of my own touches.

Do you guys still want the pattern because I’d gladly share what I did.