Grandmas Russian style knitting

Hi. I am knitting in what some call the “grandma Russian way” bc, for me, I am learning something. With that I am finding myself stumped with adding slip stitches to rows. All ways of slipping, pw, kw, in front, in back. I find this style of knitting not only easier, but the result is more attractive. To me. I know this style is twisting the stitch. Im doing something wrong, stitches on next row are getting tighter. Sometimes it happens sometimes not. No difference in what Im doing, turn the work start with next row.

Is this the method you’re using (video at the end)?

As you say, the sts are twisted which makes them denser and tighter. Are you knitting stockinette or garter stitch or some other stitch pattern?

I found this. How to knit Russian style: classical and grandma’s methods. I’d not been aware of it being called grandma’s before so this is new to me. Is it slipping stitches and their orientation that is the problem? I know that knitters who use Russian style have to work decreases other than the way they’re typically shown. Maybe something in this video will be useful. Decreases in Russian Knitting Technique Other than that I know that for ordinary stitches you work into the leading leg and if it’s at the back you ktbl and that avoids twisted stitches.

I hope those links work. On preview I had to right click and ‘open in new tab’ for some reason.

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