Grandma's Knitting Cheat Sheet Mystery

My wonderful grandma taught me to knit when I was little, but I never actually did anything with it until a couple of years ago - long after she passed away.

My sister had a lot of Grandma’s knitting things that she recently gave me since I started knitting in ernest. I have a few of her handwritten things (e.g., mitten pattern) and one little scrap of paper that has me puzzled. It is from a yellow lined pad and cut to the size of 3 rows from the sheet. It says:

K4 P2 K4 P2 K4 P2 K4 P2 K4 P2 K4 P2 K4
40 st 2 Needles

That’s it. I had to put the dots in between the Cs to get them to line up the way it is written on the paper.

Obviously it is a rib pattern, and the 40 st matches the number of stitches in the top row. But what are the C notations under the middle K4 parts? Cable, I’m guessing? I imagine 2 needles must refer to the size. Any idea what this might be use for?

I think she might have copied down part of a pattern from something larger to keep it handy.


hmmm. I think your right.

And what could 40 stitches be for? Hmm. My newborn baby hats on size 8’s are 50 stitches. hmmm.

maybe it’s ribbing on the leg of a child’s sock?

Sounds like a cable scarf to me at 49 sts… :thinking: hmmmm…

It could be a scarf, or a cable pattern in the center of something else. :shrug:

I vote scarf.

It’s a cable pattern over 40 stitches. Could be a panel in a sweater.