Grammy's scarf

I had to put the Irish Hiking scarf on hold for a few days because I found a yarn that feels soooo nice that is perfect for my Grammy! So I am knitting a simple garter stitch scarf in Grazie by schoeller and stahl. For an acrylic (I KNOW :shock: ) it feels so great. One more night of knitting out to knock this out and then I can get back to knitting for me. :slight_smile: I think that I will have enough left over to make my daughter one as well. She felt it and fell in love so maybe. :smiley:

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Oh, that’s so yummy & soft looking, Grammy will :heart: it :cheering: :cheering:

Looks beautiful!

So spill, what yarn is that? :slight_smile:

Very nice- I’m sure Grammy will love it! :cheering:

Looks soft and quick–two great things! She’ll love it!

ohhh that looks soooo nice and soft! And has a dash of glam too!

It even looks soft in the pictures! I never met a grammy until I met my dh. It’s fun seeing someone else who calls their grandmother that!

My great grandmother was my Grammy Emma! :heart:

Mintdee…that looks SO yummy and nicey nice!!! I want to cuddle it!!!

Looks very cozy! Acrylic isn’t always “bad”! :thumbsup:

Thanks All! If this wasn’t for my Grammy I would become veryselfish and keep it for myself. :smiley: But Grammy is worth it. It is moving very quickly.

The yarn is Grazie by schoeller and stahl I picked it up at my LYS. Sooo cozie KK I have been keeping around my neck while I knit so that I can enjoy it :roflhard:

Kemp after dealing with this yarn I no longer frown so much at acrylic :thumbsup:

[size=2]Hey Mods sorry [/size] :oops:

Oh, what a lucky Grammy! :thumbsup:

At least you got to wear it a bit before giving it away :wink:

She will love it great job :thumbsup: