Grafting question

I am doing a circular table mat and the last row is a purl row. The final instructions say join final row to CO row. Cut yarn, leaving 36 inch tail. WS Tog, graft final row to CO row working in pattern. How can I graft this when there are 27 stitches, not an equal amount of stitches? Thanks,

As long as the number of sts on the needle equals the number in the cast on, you can do the graft neatly. If the numbers are close, possibly you could increase or decrease on the last row to get you working sts to equal the cast on.

CO was 27 stitches and that is the number that remained throughout the pattern. Everything I read about grafting said you have to have an equal amount on both needles to graft. With an odd number, I can’t divide them equally. I guess I will go with the alternative finish they give in the pattern. Thanks

If the cast on edge is 27 and the cast off edge (or final row) is 27 then you can graft them together if you wish. An odd number of sts is ok as long as the sts on the two needles have the same number. If you have to graft the final row to itself then it’s won’t work so neatly because you can’t divide 27 evenly on two needles.

You’re not grafting the 27 sts together, you’re grafting the last row to the CO which should have had 27 sts too; it doesn’t matter if it’s an even or odd number.

Ok I see what you are saying now. I was only thinking about live stitches with grafting so you would have to divide them evenly. Thank you!

Yep, live sts, but didn’t the pattern say anything about a provisional CO? You may have to pick up sts in the cast on to get the live ones.

No, nothing about a provisional CO. Said to use backward-loop or long-tail CO. The alternate join is to BO off all sts in final row and then sew BO and CO edges, I think I will take the easy route now and just do the BO and seam. Lazy maybe, but easier for me.

Backward loop can be fairly easy to pick out to get live sts, or to pick up sts in, but yeah, it may be easier to BO and seam together.

I used long tail since I am used to that so won’t be as easy to try to do the grafting with that. Easy way out, might not be the best way but just want to finish this up. If I do it again, I would definitely chose a different CO. Thanks for the help.

Definitely look at provisional cast on for next time since it gives you the neatest live sts. There are a couple of ways to do it.
You can pick up in backwards loop but since you’re picking up the loops [I]between[/I] sts, you end up one st less than you want and have to make that up somewhere in order to graft.