Grafting question

Hello everyone - this is my first time on this website and my first time posting. I started knitting a year ago and have had some success. I am trying to knit a baby blanket for my sister and like the idea of blocks (approx 3x3 in size) as the blanket. I don’t know how to graft though. I saw the instructions online and had a question about the needle. Is the yarn in the needle attached to one or both of the needles’ yarn? Is it knotted on the bottom? Does anyone have any tips for this technique? Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

New Jersey

If you leave a tail long enough, you could use it to graft…that would be one less end to weave in when you’re done! :thumbsup: It doesnt really matter where it comes from, though… there are NEVER any knots…you just weave your ends in along the path of one stich of the same color. No other tips…Amy’s video says it all!

Just making sure you have seen Amy’s video on kitchener stitch (grafting): About halfway down the page, under the heading ‘Finishing’.

Just thinking about how grafting could be used in a ‘block’ blanket…I don’t think you can use grafting to join pieces side by side, I think it can only be used to join pieces top/bottom. Do you know what I mean? I could be wrong, maybe someone else will chime in.

I was also wondering if grafting was exactly what you need to do. Grafting is the term used for weaving live stitches together. If you are putting completed blocks together for a blanket, then you might want to check out edge to edge seaming.