Grafting help

I’m pretty new to knitting, I’ve only done scarves, and I’m doing my first scarf with circular needles. I’ve watched the video on grafting and I’m sure I can do it, It’s just that none of the instructions on grafting say what to do when you get to the end. Do I pull the yarn tight when I get to the last stitch and weave in the end? I just have no idea and I’ve never done grafting before, so if someone could give me a little extra instruction on what to do at the end that’d be awesome.

When you’re down to the last two stitches, go through the front stitch knitwise, back stitch purlwise, then pull everything tight and weave in your end. :thumbsup:

Welcome, Audrey! :waving:

Thanks for replying to my post, I’ll post again after I’ve tried it out.