grafting a live edge onto a cast-on edge in 1x1 rib?


I’m a beginner knitter, so for my first pattern I picked a really simple top-down chunky sock pattern, basically a rectangle in 1x1 rib that gets seamed like an upside down hat.

i ran out of yarn halfway through the second sock and I only had a lighter color that was better for the top and not the toe part, so i finished off the half-sock and started a new rectangle in the new yarn and I left the last row live

Now I’m unsure how to graft the two pieces together. My first thought was to bind off the new yarn and seam it haphazardly (I only found videos for stockinette, so it would definitely end up looking messy).

On a thread here, someone suggested undoing the cast-on row and doing a Kitchener graft (In that case I think it would be better to unravel the seam and turn the half-sock back to being flat because that would be much easier)

I also found this great video that shows how to seam in pattern (I didn’t prep the cast-on edge with waste yarn, so it might be tricky, but since my pattern in a simple rib I figured I could manage somehow)

My question (finally) is: Is there a way to just graft a live edge onto a cast-on? I feel like there is some well-known method but I just can’t find it. Otherwise, which of the methods above works best?

Many thanks!!!

To seam live stitches to a cast-on (or bound-off edge), you do grafting on the live stitch side, and a type of grafting on the non-live side too.

If you have a look at this link, under the heading “Horizontal seam on stockinette stitch”, you can see the non-live grafting maneuvre.

It’s not hard to do in stockinette, because you are doing the same movement to grab the stitches either way, but involving ribbing would complicate things. You can usually get away with a single row of stockinette in the middle of ribbing without it being noticeable though.

Edited to add: I’m not entirely sure what bits of sock you have, so I don’t know whether grafting is a good idea or not. Can you tell us the name of your pattern and if possible post a photo of the bits you want to join?

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I know this isn’t what you really asked, sorry I can’t answer that question, but I just wanted to share something I have learned which is that there are lots of video tutorials for neat seaming with different stitches and in different directions. If there is one you need and can’t find you can ask here as it is sometimes hard to know what search terms to put in to get the result you want.
I may not have understood exactly what you are joining to what but I’m guessing it’s a horizontal seam in the 1 x 1 rib

Here’s a video of this seam


thank you so much for the answer and for the link! i haven’t thought of doing both types of grafts at once, but i think it should work perfectly :heart_decoration:

exactly! i put so many word combos and it only works some of the time :sweat_smile:

thank you for the video + the tip, it actually works great for my question, bc yes I was looking for a horizontal seam that works for ribbing, if grafting a live edge onto a non-live one was difficult. but this is so helpful just in general :heart:

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