Grafting 2x1 ribbing


Just wondering if anyone has a pattern I can follow to graft off a 2x1 ribbing. I have live stitches on both needles


If you want a completely invisible join, I think this is impossible. The join will be a half stitch off so the ribbing lines will not completely meet each other. I hope I am wrong and someone with more knowledge will give a better answer.


This will work since you’re grafting live sts. There really isn’t the offset problem unless you’re working live sts to bound off sts.
You might try the double knitting technique out on a swatch to see if you like the result and don’t mind the lack of stretch at the graft.

This post is for ribbing but the other posts in TechKnitter’s series are helpful too.

Alternatively, lay the two pieces out flat and work them in a way similar to this diagram. Of course, the diagram is for stockinette but you may be able to look at the sts and figure out how to continue the grafting pattern for 2x1 rib.

You’re forging into new territory here!


Thanks guys!

I may have to look into this more. Thought there was a reason it was difficult to find a tutorial for it. I’ll have a look at those tutorials :slight_smile: