Graft question

I started making the little bear that Myloveoverflows is making from the knitty site. Here is a link to the pattern. When you make the arms of the bear you make a tube in the round with 10 stitches. Then at the end of the tube it has you K2 tog 5 times so that you end up with 5 stitches. Then you work one row even. Then it tells you to “Break yarn. Graft remaining 5 stitches together.”

I looked at the list of terms that knitty has and “graft” is not there. I always think of it as kitchener stitch, but don’t you need an even number of stitches to do a proper kitchener stitch graft? What do you suppose they want you to do to join the ends?

You don’t need an even number of stitches, just the same number on one row as below. In this case though, it sounds like you are not grafting the 5 to another 5 st (which would be fine) but to each other, like treat half as one row and graft to the other half (other row), correct? In that case it is odd, I would either run the wool through all 5 st.s and pull up tight, OR graft 2 st to the other 2 and just do whatever I could with the extra one. As long as it doesn’t fall down, you should be fine!