Gotta Love this Yarn Bowl!

Sheep Yarn bowl

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How baaaaaaaaaaaaadly do you want it? That’s cute!

I have a sheepish grin on my face, too bad as I have not been shorn in a very long time, so you can’t see the Mona Lisa smile for all the wool!

But I am rather fond on these.

How cute!


Been playing with my iPad and discovered how to upload photos from it apart from my laptop. Made this my avatar. Now you can see my sheepish grin.


Cute avatar! Oh, go ahead, both yarn bowl and stitch markers and some yarn to use them on.

so cuuuuuute!!!

You are hilarious Grumpy!

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I didn’t buy bowl or the stitch markers. Now if they had dog bone stitch markers also, then it could used, every other one in order to be “baaaaaaaaa-d to the bone”.

Ah, what fun, you looked up a graphic to suit the conversation, how versatile. As it is, I know I have joints as they remind me, so I have arrived at being a “groan-up”. Good Grief, I skipped from adolescent to groan-up and passed maturity totally.

Have you seen these? I have no tattoos but they made me grin a bit, (sheepishly of course)!

But to stick to the subject of yarn bowls, Pinterest is the end all of knitting pics on cute stuff.

Tattoos aren’t my thing. Those are beautiful.