Gothy girls version of Knitty?

I found this through, and thought it was a hoot.
I may have to make the tea cosy with the belladonna motif (Toxic Tea Set) from the Lughnasadh 2006 collection…

I still have the giggles. :rofling:

That is a FUN site.

OMG i love it :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

There’s a KNITTED CONDOM!!! Complete with disclaimer!!! And OH MY GOSH the SOUP recipe is a [color=red][size=6]R I O T[/size] [/color] !!!

Wyn, you ROCK! :heart:

OMG i am totally getting a tshirt!

Before I read the page (or saw the unrolled “condom”) I totally thought it was a cozy for a woman’s…intimate appliance. :shock: :rofling: :rofling: :rofling:

Well, that’s what it looks like to ME :eyebrow:

i don’t think it would fit mine [/size]

The one with doll parts made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. :roflhard:

:shock: Ya’ll didn’t know about this site?
Wow…I found it back when it first came out! I thought everybody knew about it! lol

Me too Coastie! :roflhard: I thought the juxtaposition of doll parts and pennyroyal to be particularly interesting, in a freudian sort of way.

And yes Hildie, that soup recipe had DH and I both laughing our hind ends off. He said it reminded him of when I cook lobster. Like my parents before me, I don’t put napkins down at the table settings, I put down bathroom hand towels, plus enough tools to crack Ft. Knox with. Everyone looks like they’re ready for medieval battle when they sit down (helmets are optional though)… and somehow I still manage to have to wipe lobster fat off the walls afterward. :rollseyes:

I knew about it, but I hadn’t seen the new releases.

[size=1]It looks like it would fit one of mine.[/size] :eyebrow: :rofling:

I love the voodoo doll. :roflhard: :roflhard:

I thought “everyone” knew about it too. They always crack me up.

OMG i LOVE that site! How did i not know about it?? I LOVE the nuclear family - must make one! And the t-shirts… and… and… and…

Ooooh… love it! Makes me pine for the days when i could shave and dye my hair and get away with it!


:roflhard: :roflhard:

My favorite is the bomb cozy :roflhard:

The more I look at this site, the more I realize it is a great place to launch all the twisted little projects I’ve been working on… like my Sturm und Drang afghan (don’t ask) :rollseyes:

I think I have more confidence submitting stuff to them than I would to crochetme or knitty. They seem more welcoming of all forms of art, and prefer the radical and unusual over the terrifyingly perfect.

Woot. A place for my dark side to play in the mud. :heart: