Got yarn for Clapotis

Here’s a pic of the yarn I bought for Clapotis. Very soft! I can’t stop touching it!! It’s Rio de la Plata 3-ply kettle dyed worsted in Gold Fusion - Evergreen - Camellia Rose colorway. Looking forward to knitting this after finishing up the lacy baby shrug. :happydancing:

:inlove: :inlove:

That’s going to make a GORGEOUS Clapotis! :inlove: :inlove:

Ehhh… what is clapotis? :?? It sounds delicious… rhymes like clay pot.

Not quite clay pot… Clah po tis. And it’s a scarf/wrap/shawl from a Knitty pattern here,

It’s much easier than you’d think and making them can be quite addictive.


Oh, that will be beautiful!!! :inlove:

The correct pronunciation of the clapotis is clap-o-tee. LOL, mine…I call it a shawl :roflhard: :rofling:

That is indeed pretty! Ohhh… this knitting hobby is so addictive! So many pretty things that you can knit!! xxx

So far the pattern has been easy. I only have had to frog once, near the beginning when I forgot to pfb at the end of a row.

Now that I’m far enough into it, I’m thinking ahead to what other yarns might be nice to use… I thought the new KP Gloss might be nice since it has silk in it. I’m thinking any of the Knit Picks yarns that contain silk would be nice. There are so many possibilities since you can adapt the pattern to whatever yarn you want to use, as long as the yarn has some drape.

Gorgeous yarn, Jackie!! :heart: :heart:
I made one for my mom for her bday…I called it CLUH-pah-tiss for while. Whateva. :winky:

That’s right, it sounds like tee on the end, not tis. I’m just so used to typing it out, I forgot how you say it!

Mine’s a scarf, wrap, whatever… Love them!


I saw one in black linen - so lightweight and airy. It was Gorgeous! i think my next one will be summer-weight.