Got my order

I was so sick yesterday. In bed with the chills body aches etc. I came out for a glass of water and said “Oh there is my knit picks order” and went right back to bed. DH KNEW I was really sick then!!

I got yarn for quite a few projects…

  1. Clogs (Already started…but at the end of row 2 I was short 3 stitches so will have to frog and start again) Cloud & Blueberry

2)Booga bag–Daffodil, Avacado, Rain

  1. Pismo Hat–Daffodil, Grass, Red, Coal (In a ‘Rasta’ theme for Brother)

  2. SOCKS!!! —Hydrangea & Zinnia Sock Garden

  3. Halter type tank for DD in Blush Shine

Now to try and get the clogs right…

wow, you must have been one sick sneph! i was in a super sour mood last night so i placed an order with knitpicks, which instantly turned my frown upside down!!

hope you’re feeling better, it looks like you’ve got a lot of work to do! get :XX: !!

I certainly hope I didnt spread MY contagion over the WWW!!! :shock: Hope ya feel better REAL soon, Steph!!

LOTS to work on!! :cheering:

[size=2]I thought Pismo used fingering weight yarn…[/size] :??

KK, not unless WackyWoolWanters is contagious~ :roflhard: :roflhard:

GREAT…I am notorious for not reading things all the way through…

me too!!! i hate that!

100% Egyptian cotton!!! Wonder how Brother would feel about a felted Rasta Booga Bag instead of a beanie…

OH NOOO! I was hoping there was another pattern called Pismo somewhere!!

Brothers are, by law, required to appreciate anything we make for them, just as we are required to appreciate the weird lumpy green ceramic tea pots they made for us in high school. :thumbsup:

LOL, when I first started knitting he BEGGED me to make him a beanie. I of course agreed because I love to make things for others. But the idea of a hat scared me.

I have since made at least 10 projects for others. Every time he comes over I am working on a new project…he says “Since you started that it MUST mean you are done with my beanie”

I will just have to find a different pattern…now what on EARTH am I going to find to use the 12" circs I just bought from Carol??? :??

You can make ANY hat with 12" circs! Not to worry!

I love my 12" circs … and ordered 2 more 12" “lines” from Boye … Because I can’t stay loyal to one project at a time ! I always use them for hats.

sorry you’re not feeling well, steph - hope I didn’t send you the germs! :shock:

sorry you’re not feeling well, steph - hope I didn’t send you the germs! :shock:[/quote]

No, no, not to worry. Your package arrived yesterday! It’s a good thing it did to, because I KNEW I ordered the 12" circs. but I couldnt remember if I ordered the 10.5 24" or DPNS…I knew I still needed to order ONE of them for the booga bag. LOL I’m losing my mind here.