Got my Knit Picks 16" circulars today!


Now, I can finally knit the Harry Potter scarf my friend has been been asking for! I am amazed at how flexible the pretty purple cable is on these Knit Picks needles! It’s amazing!

I guess I should start on her scarf, but right now though I am having too much fun knitting the teddy bear I have been working on for the past few days… so far I have the head and 1/2 an ear done!

Too much fun things to knit, too little time! :slight_smile:

aren’t they awesome!!! I just love my KP circs :slight_smile: You’ll have to post a pic of that teddy bear!!

Yay! I recently ordered some and am waiting for them to arrive so I can finish a sweater (I need 16"ers for the neck)

Of course I ordered a bunch of other stuff too to beef up to free shipping. :slight_smile: