Got my goodies today!

And I think I’ll be bald in a week…I just don’t get it at all! I know it takes patience and practice; I wish the Knitty Gritty spinning episode would hurry and air again…

Breathing is important…so take a deep breath. Okay better? In all honesty, I didn’t care for the knitty gritty spin episode…only because it wasn’t very detailed. They made it look waaay too easy. And if you keep at it, one day, you will look just like them.

Have you tried, or the other reference links posted here? They are much more detailed.

If I remember correctly you got two types of wool. One merino and one not. The darker one I think is the merino. So, try starting with the other kind. How are you drafting?

Pull the fibers apart to where they almost come completely apart. Stop short of that. Start by rolling the spindle on your leg to make a leader yarn. Then park and draft.

It will take some time. Try to practice for short amounts of time each day. And if all possible find spindlers in your area to meet with in person.

What is it exactly that is making you pull out hair?

Yarnfreak…can you weigh in? If I may say so, you’re new and not doing too shabby at all. We can’t have a bald spinner. And it’s our code to convert our fellow knitters to spinners whenever possible :wink: Can’t have one give up so soon.

Let’s see. Hmmm. I’d say practice and have a really good sense of humor about the yarn you make. Daft like crazy. I had dreams of this perfect yarn. Well, I’m proud of it, but it’s FAR from perfect. Then there was the day that I spun the spindle, the roving pulled apart, and the spindle went flying across the room. It managed to nail the cat and one child, but somehow the roving wrapped around the hook and it didn’t undo itself. If you’re doing the :wall: I’d suggest putting it away. I know I have better luck when I don’t pay that much attention to it. You CAN do it! Oh, and something I didn’t even realize I was doing was having a death grip on the roving I was trying to pull from. You have to be fairly relaxed. Keep practicing, cause one day it will just click.