Got my first ADDI

Saw them in a yarn store while on vacation a couple weeks ago, had to buy one to see if they really deserve all the hype. Already own KP Options interchangeables, so bought a 40" size 0 circ for 2 at a time, toe-up socks.

Very first impression (compared to the bamboo size 2 needle I was using) was WOW! This Addi feels so light, the cable is amazing, the join…what join?!
Now that I finished the original socks on the bamboo and started a new pair with the Addi, it doesn’t seem quite so special. Yeah, the join & cable are still incredible and it’s such a lightweight needle. But I could have used pointier ends more than once. (While they had a decent selection of Addis, they didn’t have the pointier Addi lace.) So I don’t know if I’m “knitting faster” like the pkg claims. The store didn’t have Addi clicks, though they had a few cables & larger sized needles to buy separately. Would have liked to try them, but now know I made the right decision for me with the Options, since I like pointy needles. Guess I’ll need to buy an Addi lace next.

Now you’re making me want to learn Magic Loop… Ugh no time right now. :frowning:

I liked them, but didn’t find them all that much better than Options for the money. They are great needles though. :thumbsup:

If you need your needles to be a little pointier, Addi sells a lace version of its needles that are essentially the same only the points are pointier and the slope to the full thickness is a little longer.

addi’s are my personal favs. I hope to have one of each size (eventually…)

When I’m deciding what needle to use for a project, I take into consideration: a) the yarn, and b) the pattern stitch.

Some yarns are very splitty! (Need Addis!)
Some work is very intricate…with cables, fancy stitches, etc. (Need Options!)

There is nothing more annoying than the wrong needle for a project!