Got my Denise Kit and I'm loving it!

My Denise interchangeable Needle kit came last week. Since DH had been very reluctant about it, I switched his work over first. He really likes using the needles and commented right away on how light they felt, and how much lighter his work felt on them, easier on the hands, and he splits and drops fewer stitches. (DH is blind, so split and dropped stitches present a challenge for him, of course I’m willing to help out, but he likes to try and resolve it himself first.) I think they would work great for other visually challenged knitters as well. Later that evening I had some time to knit on the new needles. I really liked them too. I like the way everything is interchangeable and additional components can be purchased at such reasonable prices. I normally use wooden needles, so had some concerns over the fact that these were plastic, but they seem to be working out fine, and if the need to use a wooden needle comes upon me, I still have my stash to go back to. So there DH and I sat, nice fire in the fireplace, knitting away, talking about how much we liked our these new needles. A scene of knitting bliss. Later on I decided to send the Denise Company an email telling them how much we liked the needles and how well they worked for DH. Since I usually have several projects going at a time, I mentioned in the email that I already had put a set of my very own on my birthday wish list for 2009. I was surprised on Monday to find a reply from the company thanking me for my email and offering to send me some additional needles cables and buttons free of charge. They said it was nice to hear that their product was appreciated. What a great company, obviously they care about customer satisfaction, hard to find sometimes these days. I hope I don’t sound like a commercial for Denise Needles, I really just wanted to let others know that they are a good company and they make a good product. I’m going to let my daughter try out my D needles, if she likes them, I’ll get her some for her birthday. Seems like I can be quick to complain about things sometimes, so thought this would be a good chance to share something positive. There are still good caring companies out there who make products in the good old USA.

I like my Denise as well… I also LOVE my KP Options and my Addi Turbos… I’m a needle junkie! Wow - that so doesn’t sound the way I wanted it too. :aww:

I bought mine cos they were cheaper than the alternatives and easier to get here than the other interchangeable kits. So far so good and I like joining all the cords together to make a really long cable when I want to try something on in progress

I really like my Denise needles, too. I also have quite a few KP Harmonies, which I also like. I prefer some features of the Denise needles and other features of the Harmonies. It really depends on the project.

That is a really sweet story KR. Its nice that you did take the time to let the company know how much you liked them. I agree, we are quick to complain, but need to be quick in sending a compliment also. Its nice to hear that you and your husband can share a hobby like this. I’m so impressed that he knits!
I have had a set for several months and really like them. When I read about their company they sounded great. Now they sound even better!
Thanks for sharing a nice story.

Wow that is very generous of them. I LOVE my Denise set even more than my Harmony set. So glad they are working out for your DH.

I loved my Denises as well I got rid of them though when I fell in love with my options now I wish I would have kept them because I find myself wishing I still had them for certain projects.Once I had a cable break on me and they sent me 2 more to replace it plus an extra long cable.

I also looove my Denise needles!
I love how many sizes of needles and cables there are in one place (so you don’t have to buy one of each).
And I find the same thing that they are very light and my work just seems to float on the needle, rather than hanging heavily.
I actually bought a second set–the pink breast cancer awarness ones! I just loved the pink, and I always have more than one project going on at the same time (I get bored easily!) and always seem to need the same size for all of them, and of course, $5 went to breast cancer awarness charity.
They seem to be a very caring company–in the pink set there is an extra insert that explains how the owner had breast cancer and her fight with it and her brother’s research and efforts as a doctor, etc., it’s a very touching story!
I use them for everything (except for when I need smaller needles than in the set, for that I use KP Nickel Plated).

Thanks for sharing your story!! I am impressed, that was very nice of them!!

I love my Denise’s too :slight_smile:

I’ve never used the Denises before. They sound so convenient, light weight, etc., but I’m so hooked on the addi’s and I’m wondering how they compare? Are they as pointy?.. and would the difference in weight/heft be noticeable?