Got Any Spare Needles?

Hi all!

I’ve been a bit MIA for the last couple of years. I got myself a teaching job and have been in the throes of learning how to teach and whatnot. For a forty-something year-old, starting a career later in life has been challenging but great fun too!

Here’s the purpose for my post. I’ve basically got an informal knitting club going at school. What started with one student wanting to learn to knit has evolved, in four days to five girls.

I’ve run out of extra needles, although I do have plenty of yarn. Yay! I can finally justify my large stash! :rofl:

Does anyone have any spare needles they would be willing to donate?

I’ve got my kids using the long Boye needles, and they are happy with them because they are longer.

If you can donate anything, I’d be so grateful, as would they. I’ve got more girls wanting to learn than I have needles for, and my students are quite disadvantaged. Most of them receive free/reduced lunch. Buying needles is not an option for them.

Thanks in advance!!! My girls actually were saying “how natural” it felt to be knitting! Pretty cool, is it not? :cheering:

Thanks again!


I’ll see what I’ve got. I don’t think I’ve got any anymore though. :think: if I don’t I’d be glad to send you a few bucks though to help out.

I’ve got some old straights in small sizes (3 and 5) and a pair of 11s. Would those work for you?

Awww…Jan…thank you!! :muah:

We can use anything!! Right now, I’m teaching them the basics. I’d love to see the girls make oddball baby blankets for the expectant gals on campus.

I can PM my mailing address.

Thank you!!


PM it to me, too!

I don’t think I have any needles I can send but I could come up with a few $$. With postage rates as high as they are I’d rather you spend the money on the needles anyhow. PM me too. This is great, what a gift your are for your students.

Honestly, my students are a gift to me. They teach me something new every day and fill the void that exists now that my children are away at college.

Me. Well, I’m just doing what comes naturally for a knitter by spreading the love of a craft I enjoy so much!

I’ll send my info. Thank you bunches!!


Please send me you address also.
Have you heard of the Helping Hands Program? It may be just what you need for support. It’s a mentoring program to encourage needle arts (knit, crochet and needlepoint) for small to medium groups of children. I first saw it on a Knitting Daily episode.
Your own project sounds wonderful Good luck with it.

I have some of the circular needles you donated for the Oddball Blankets at my house. I can send them to you! Just send me a PM, confirming your mailing address. :slight_smile:

Hi Auburn Chick! I’d love to help by sending some needles your way-
I’d also like to blog about your project too, if you’d allow.
Are you a Ravelry member? That’s a HUGE community of crafters and would be a great place to post in the forum there.
Sounds like a great time with the girls! :slight_smile:

Hi all!

I wanted to update you on things.

As of today, I’ve received a donation from a dear friend. Thanks to a sweet young girl who allowed me to use a 50% coupon MULTIPLE times, I was able to purchase the following…having $2 left over!


I also received needles from two sweet ladies.



My girls were THRILLED when they walked into my classroom at lunch today!!! They are so touched that y’all care! They are eagerly making plans for knitting scarves and blankets.

One of my girls sold her cotton “practice” scarf that I helped her bind off. She’s excited and is thinking that maybe she can make a little bit of extra money doing this! I suggested that she might want to consider majoring in business when she goes to college, and then she could open her own yarn store! Gotta through in educational lessons when you can!!

These girls are knitting during class, with teachers’ permission, and some have gotten so good that they can knit without looking down!

I’ve got new students coming in daily to check out what we are doing, and a young man expressed interest yesterday! He’s shy, so it might take him awhile to develop the courage to stay.

Anyhoo, I wanted to let you know that your donations are being received with much JOY and thankfulness! You are helping reach these kids by showing that people…even strangers…care about them.

Thank you!!!


Thanks for letting us know! I haven’t had a chance to send you something because I was sick last week. Soon, I promise! Keep us posted about the kids. It’s fun to hear!

My package hasn’t gotten out yet either. Stay tuned!

Same with me - need to find a shipping envelope.

Hi all!

I wanted to publicly thank Sandy for donating fifteen sets of needles a couple of weeks ago! Oh word, but this gift was unexpected and oh so appreciated!

I also wanted to tell you that knitAbikini (Roux) wrote the first of a few blog posts about my group. You can read about us [B]here[/B].

Thank you so much for thinking of us. This group is turning into so much more than girls who knit. The bonds we are forming are tight, and they are helping me connect with students who do not have consistent role models in their lives.


I blogged about the group [B]here[/B].

Love y’all to pieces (or should I say “scraps”?)…

You’re very welcome! I was so happy to find those needles for such an amazing price at my local thrift store! :woohoo:

Wow! It’s so fun to hear their progress, and the charity of so many knitters out there to donate so many items!
I wondered when you might have a young man interested! And that might take some serious courage on his part to sit down and knit depending on how harsh his fellow classmen are. It’s not just a woman’s craft, that’s for sure!
Do you have more needles than knitters now? :slight_smile: That’s not a bad problem to have, room for more. Is it restful for you during lunch at all? Do you have time to knit along with them?
Thanks for sharing, AuburnChick!